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Artful Living | We Adventure Well Takes Us on an Airstream Adventure

Photography by Sara Pimental

Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to camp in an iconic Airstream trailer? The global pandemic prompted many of us to explore alternative travel options. For my family, it led us to a silver bullet. After scouring the country for weeks, we found and purchased an Airstream Bambi.

When I first stepped into the aluminum cabin, I was captivated by the blend of timeless design and modern functionality. Every curve and rivet tells a story of American-made craftsmanship that transcends generations. Owning an Airstream is more than simply possessing a trailer; it’s about embracing an iconic legacy that weds form and function. From the cozy dinette to the clever storage solutions, every inch is testament to the artful integration of comfort and class.

Artful Living | We Adventure Well Takes Us on an Airstream Adventure

But, like any grand adventure, there were aspects I wish I had known before embarking on our family’s Airstream journey. While many people choose to live full-time in their trailer or utilize it for extended seasons, we mainly occupy it for short-term use. Even so, we needed to adjust to a smaller living space, which ultimately helped me discover the beauty of simplicity. Airstream living is an opportunity to declutter life and relish in simple joys — like a good book near the fire or a hot cup of coffee from our Aeropress. It also means that at the end of your stay, you’ve got to put on your plumber’s gloves and dispose of your own waste (just being honest!).

Airstream travel embodies the spirit of exploration, letting you choose the road less traveled and wake up to panoramic views of unfiltered beauty. The flexibility to choose your destination, route and itinerary, paired with the comforts of home, creates a freedom you could never find with air travel. National parks, scenic byways and coastal retreats become backdrops for unforgettable excursions.

Artful Living | We Adventure Well Takes Us on an Airstream Adventure

As I look back on the adventures we’ve had over the past three years, I find the most meaningful experiences are rooted in the connections we make. The happenstance of camping next door to a couple we had met years prior, the impromptu roadside picnics, the late night UNO games with our kids, and the exploration of new or familiar places have all enriched the journey in ways I hadn’t anticipated. These moments are the soul of Airstream-ing.

Amidst our own Airstream adventures, I realized I wanted to extend this unique luxury to others, so I chose to start a new endeavor in the wake of the pandemic. I founded We Adventure Well, a Twin Cities–based business that shares the joys of Airstream camping with curious travelers. I’m happy to support guests in creating their own unforgettable memories through one of the most iconic modes of camping.

Artful Living | We Adventure Well Takes Us on an Airstream Adventure

Traveling by Airstream is an opportunity for adventure. It’s choosing a getaway that celebrates beauty, curiosity and creativity. Our Airstream has become a vessel of discovery, a sanctuary for solitude and a space for authentic connection. This mode of glamping has shown me that true luxury is not found in excess, but in the experiences that enrich our lives and connect us with others on the journey.

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