Artful Living Magazine

Artful Living, the Magazine of the North, is an elegant, intelligent publication highlighting art, culture, travel, fashion, home, food, wine and profiles meant to inspire and entertain. Founded in 2008, this quarterly magazine features beautiful design and engaging original content, bringing the best of the North to an affluent audience with impeccable taste. The Artful Living lifestyle brand is headquartered in Minneapolis.

“Artful Living is a lifestyle. Our mission is to create remarkable and compelling content that is loved by our readers and drives sales for our advertisers. Proudly produced by a brilliant group of editors, writers and designers, Artful Living has become a trusted brand and the most preferred consumer magazine in the North.
– Frank Roffers, Publisher + Editor-In-Chief


Artful Living Team


Frank Roffers
  • Frank Roffers

  • Publisher
Hayley Saunders
  • Hayley Saunders

  • Managing Editor
Kate Nelson
  • Kate Nelson

  • Executive Editor
Mandy Ebert
  • Mandy Ebert

Kailee Marten
  • Kailee Marten

  • Business Manager
Emma Cutler
  • Emma Cutler

  • Director of Sales
Genevieve Cossette
  • Genevieve Cossette

  • Director of Marketing
Jill Roffers
  • Jill Roffers