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Nothing says summer quite like a picnic. If you want to venture farther afield than the comfort of your own patio, you’ll need a basket (or, as the Brits like to say, a hamper). The English are the greatest of picnickers, so it’s only appropriate to look across the pond for some inspiration.

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Photography by 2nd truth

Whether you’re going for a long walk or embarking on a romantic outing, packing a picnic basket is like setting a table. At its most elegant, it calls for china, crystal and your best linens. At its simplest, it requires only a bottle of wine and some provisions from the local delicatessen.

Baskets can be seriously sophisticated or casually cool. Whichever you choose, heed this advice: Ensure your basket is of sufficient size yet easy to carry. Be sensible in packing, placing heavy items on the bottom and lighter fare on top. Keep cold foods chilled with a frozen water bottle. Finally, reserve enough room for tableware and serving pieces. Pack carefully, and you’ll want for nothing during your alfresco adventure.

picnic baskets wine tote

I like to bring multiple baskets, mixing and matching styles, colors and function for a truly memorable presentation. However and wherever it is done, picnicking is one of the supreme pleasures of outdoor living. So grab a basket and head out.

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