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I’m always looking for new beverages to incorporate into my morning routine, and coffee is one of the nonnegotiable staples. I was intrigued when I discovered the simplicity of Jot. The brand is considered the purest, most concentrated coffee on the market with each bottle containing roughly 14 cups of joe.

At Jot, they like to keep it simple with both their product and their packaging. Coffee beans sourced from organic and fair-trade farms are the only ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about the additives that are common in many commercial beverages. Another thing I love about Jot? No equipment, wasteful pods or time-consuming steps are involved.

Photography provided by Jot

You can get pretty creative with how you craft your cup of Jot, too. You can add water and some ice for a classic Americano or add warm oat milk to enjoy a classic latte. Looking for a digestif? Enjoy it over gelato. The possibilities are endless for creating a barista-worthy masterpiece in your very own kitchen.

As I mentioned, each bottle contains 14 cups of coffee. I tend to consume a minimum of two cups of java a day, which means I can easily polish off a bottle in a week. This is where the no-hassle subscription comes in handy, with coffee delivered to my doorstep as often as needed. Thanks to Jot, mornings have gotten a little easier.

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