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The past three years have been nothing short of a tragically comical blur for me. With the combination of navigating a global pandemic, suddenly losing a parent, then actually hitting rock bottom, it’s safe to say that a fresh start has been a top priority in my life. And in that spirit, I’m happy to announce that I’m actively reclaiming my sense of self in my Eat, Pray, Love era.

Seriously, though. Heard of a new juice cleanse? Send the details my way. Using a new meditation app to feel more grounded? Share the link. Know of an amazing getaway to enjoy a few days of responsibility-free fun? Let’s ride. Speaking of escapes, I’m happy to report that wellness is alive and well on the shores of Maui at Marriott’s Wailea Beach Resort, and I have the receipts, Instagram posts and newly gifted peace of mind to prove it.

Artful Living | We Tried It: Wailea Beach Resort’s New Olakino Experience

Photography provided by Wailea Beach Resort

Never been to Hawaii before? Me neither. Enjoying “island time” for the very first time was even more relaxing than what had been advertised to me by experienced visitors. My five-day adventure was nothing short of reenergizing and served as a reminder that even when the small things in life feel like an uncontrollably massive ordeal, you can always count on the ocean to be bigger.

Fun fact: Wailea Beach Resort is intentionally positioned on the shore to provide the most optimal ocean views and beach experiences. And if you’re wondering where the most breathtaking panorama can be found across the resort, it’s at Wailea’s newest exclusive experience, Olakino.

Artful Living | We Tried It: Wailea Beach Resort’s New Olakino Experience

Photography by Scott Clark

Olakino is an adults-only sanctuary featuring personalized service from the resort’s Po’e Mālama team (meaning “one who takes care”), who provide an array of culinary and wellness offerings, all included within the private pool setting. Available luxury services include tea ceremonies, meditation, yin yoga, poolside acupuncture, the Lau Nani mandala practice and more.

The standout offering for me (and my naturally turbulent soul) was the sacred sound meditation. This relaxing session involved breathwork, healing vibrational tones from unique instruments and guided visualization during an improvised sound bath. The meditation lasted only an hour, yet it felt as if time stood still amid the serene ambiance of the Hawaiian oasis. Truly a chef’s kiss experience.

Artful Living | We Tried It: Wailea Beach Resort’s New Olakino Experience

Photography by Scott Clark

On the topic of chefs, Olakino’s food offerings were curated in the best way possible and nothing short of spectacular. Top eats for me include the tuna sashimi, farm-fresh salad and the vegan poke bowl. Living an alcohol-free lifestyle can sometimes feel like a dietary restriction instead of a healthy lifestyle choice, but Olakino was well prepared to offer fresh juices, teas and zero-alcohol craft options including the “pono cooloda,” which was pure paradise in a glass.

All in all, I confidently give Wailea Beach Resort’s Olakino experience solid 10s across the board. From the divine setting to the impeccable service, every detail of the experience felt intentional and integrated seamlessly with the rejuvenating nature of the resort’s high-level hospitality standards. The trip to and from the island may feel like an eternity, but trust me when I say a trip to Hawaii is worth it — absolutely worth it.

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