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It’s certainly beginning to feel a lot like fall, which means that here in the Midwest the season for bountiful fresh produce is sadly coming to a close. But fret not: These top 12 juice brands will deliver their delicious, nutritious drinks right to your doorstep.

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This women-owned, family-driven brand’s fresh, clean juices have been a labor of love for the past 30 years. All of the small-batch juices pay homage to the company’s humble beginnings in a Florida orange grove. There are single-ingredient varieties (think orange, blood orange, tangerine, grapefruit and lemon) as well as delicious cold-press blends combining harmonious ingredients like orange, tangerine, pineapple, aloe vera and sweet basil.

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Garden of Flavor

Garden of Flavor’s name is an apt one, with a dual focus on nature and taste. Founder Lisa Reed debuted the brand as a juice bar in 2012, and today, the Ohio company’s raw, organic, cold-pressed juices can be delivered right to your front door. Fresh, farm-sourced ingredients from citrus and berries to greens and vegetables come together in inventive blends and elixirs.

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Project Juice

This San Francisco–based company is on a plant-powered mission to bring organic cold-pressed juices, cleanses and wellness boosts to homes across America. Varieties range from green to citrus to blends, plus Project Juice offers nut milks and shakes as well. Cleanses are designed to help conscious consumers reset their bodies or improve their immunity, while wellness boost shots are named for their specific purposes, such as Liver Flush and Tummy Tonic.

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Midwest Juicery

This brand stays true to its name, making its raw, organic, cold-pressed juices right here in the Midwest and sourcing 80% of its ingredients directly from area farmers. One major differentiator for its juices? Their low sugar content. Plus Midwest Juicery stands by its zero waste promise and is impressively 100% environmentally sustainable. So you can feel good about drinking something that will make you feel better.

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Raw Fountain

Raw Fountain is all about the juice cleanse, featuring three-, five- and seven-day options. Not only does the brand ship right to your home, but its website offers plenty of cleanse-related information and resources to help you take charge of your health. On top of that, the company offers top-notch customer service and inspiration.

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Nutrient-dense, adaptogen-rich juices are the name of the game at Lemonkind, which prides itself on its clean, vegan, gluten-free and preservative-free products. These shelf-stable super food juices come in handy pouches and are available in varieties like Strength (detox and hydration boost), Transformation (antioxidants and immune defense), and Renewal (digestion and sport health). They can be enjoyed as part of a reset cleanse or alongside the brand’s super food tea lattes.

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The mission driving this Milwaukee juicery? To use the power of nature to heal customers and the community as well as help customers live happier, healthier lives. We can get behind that. Ingredients are locally sourced from Wisconsin farms whenever possible and are crafted into delightful cold-pressed concoctions with names like Super Destroyer (beet, carrot, apple and lemon) and Bionic Glow (watermelon, strawberry and lemon). Consider us fans.

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This New York City–based company boasts a unique take on juice with its uber versatile fruit purées that are enhanced with functional super foods and are perfect for making drinks, smoothies and much more. And unlike most fruit syrups and mixes on the market, Smartfruit’s shelf-stable creations are made without added sugars, preservatives, or artificial colors or flavors.

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Although Squeezed’s cold-pressed juices are available à la carte, this brand focuses mainly on cleanses. Support is available from the in-house team as well as an online community dubbed the Squeezed Society, and cleanse results can range from increased energy to weight loss to healthier habit development.

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Juice Press

Manhattan’s Juice Press is proud of its organic, nutrient-rich juices that are made without processed ingredients and with Mother Nature in mind. Fans can get everything from juices, shots, cleanses and even organic food shipped directly to them, while New Yorkers can opt for juice, smoothie, smoothie bowl and fresh grocery delivery.

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Raw Generation

Healthy should be tasty, right? Raw Generation’s products beautifully marry flavor and nutrition. Father/daughter team Bill and Jessica Geier founded the company when the tragic loss of loved ones led them to reevaluate the importance of health. To this day, this remains the driving force behind the brand’s cold-pressed juices, protein smoothies and cleanse packages.

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Lifehouse’s unique elixirs are like a superhero version of juice, made with super foods, herbs and other ingredients that aim to assist with specific issues, such as digestion, immunity and the like. Other offerings include lattes, shots and herbal blends, all with a good-for-you twist. Los Angelenos can stop by the Hollywood brick-and-mortar shop for in-store specialties like blended tonics, yogurts and other goodies.

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