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If 2019 was the summer of the hard seltzer, 2020 is poised to be the summer of the wine spritzer. Martha Stewart thinks so, as do industry experts. Two of the biggest trends in the beverage world right now are wine cocktails and low-alcohol vinos, and sitting squarely at the intersection of those two crazes are wine spritzers. In case you’re picturing the sugar-laden wine coolers of the eighties, think again. Originating in 19th century Europe, the spritzer — wine with a refreshing spritz of carbonated water — actually served as inspiration for the cooler. Want to give the trending tipple a shot? Here are 12 wine spritzer brands to try this summer.

Photography provided by Cool Cat

Cool Cat

This is one of the newest kids on the block, and no, the name was not inspired by Carole Baskin (although this spritzer company and Tiger King did both debut this spring). Cool Cat is more than just a drink; it’s a lifestyle brand that offers “unique wine cocktail experiences for a new generation of doers, explorers, seekers and creators.” Consider us inspired.

Photography provided by Ramona


Celebrity sommelier Jordan Salcito (who previously managed wine special projects at Momofuku) created Ramona as a way to get more people to drink wine. Among the brand’s celebrity fan club? Kanye and Rihanna. It’s artisanal and organic, featuring natural fruit flavors in varieties like Meyer lemon, ruby grapefruit and dry rosé. As Ramona’s tag line cheekily explains: It’s wine, but cooler.

Photography provided by Flora


Available in rosé and tiki (think tropical dream sans hangover), Flora’s spritzers are vegan, all-natural, gluten-free and guilt-free with just one gram sugar and 90 calories per can. The objective behind the bevy, which is crafted in small batches in New York’s Hudson Valley, is to be flavorful like wine yet drink like a seltzer. Mission accomplished, if we do say so.

Photography provided by Straightaway


While most spritzers contain around 6% alcohol, give or take, Straightaway’s pack more of a punch with 13%. Varieties include the apicco, fiore, negroni and last word, which takes its name from a Prohibition-era libation from Detroit. All are made by the namesake cocktail company out of Portland, Oregon, which does an extraordinary job elevating time-honored recipes with the best available ingredients and meticulous attention to detail.

Photography by Madison Fender


With a name that means “little wine,” this spritzer comes from women-run Chronicle Wines out of New York. Available in flavors like apple ginger, blueberry rosewater and orange cardamom, Vinette is considered chapter five in the brand’s chronicle (get it?) of stories and was born out of a desire to create a light, bubbly, take-anywhere bevy that would appeal to wine, beer and cocktail lovers alike. Cheers to that.

Photography provided by Zina Makar

Sera Luce

This Venetian spritzer takes its inspiration from the Italian classic, which is perhaps the most iconic apertivococktail. Valencia orange, a bouquet of herbs, and other traditional botanicals come together for a bubby concoction that’s equal parts bitter and sweet. It’s intended to transport drinkers to Italy, and it does just that.

Photography provided by Little Fancy

Little Fancy

This brand prides itself on being “the ease of a beautiful summer afternoon in a can,” and we can attest to that. It combines naturally flavored sparkling water and hand-selected wines in tasty varieties like peachy rosé and pinot pear. Both are, in our opinion, just the right amount of fancy.

Photography provided by Old Westminster Piquette

Old Westminster Piquette

Old Westminster’s all-natural, skin-contact piquette is crafted by hydrating pressed grapes with fresh water. It has notes of candied peach, fresh citrus and lime. This Maryland winery’s distinctive vinos are the product of the Baker family’s collective expertise, meticulous vineyard care, and minimal intervention in the cellar.

Photography provided by Hoxie


This is one of the hottest brands in the wine spritzer biz. It’s made in SoCal with sustainably grown grapes and all-natural ingredients and without added colors, tannins or junk (as Hoxie puts it). The bright-colored cans come in flavors like grapefruit elderflower, lemon ginger rosé and cold cola rouge. Chef Josh Rosenstein first started making spritzers on the line for brunch service, and the rest is history — or, more accurately, Hoxie.

Photography by Sierra Devine

Three Brothers

New York’s Three Brothers makes three distinct spritzers using the winery’s vinos: cosmic lime, mango gypsy and — our personal favorite — 100% That B (a brambleberry bevy crafted with the estate-grown grüner veltliner). All are inspired by famous songstresses: Florence and the Machine; Stevie Nicks; and of course Minneapolis music maven Lizzo, respectively.

Photography provided by Pampelonne


This spritzer takes its moniker from the St. Tropez beach of the same name and its inspiration from the unique sparkling rosé that’s enjoyed there. It’s crafted with fine French wine and a desire to create something light, crisp and not to sweet “so you can have a few without feeling heavy.” The first iteration was rosé lime, with la pêche, blood orange and French 75 flavors following. 

Photography provided by Movo


Movo considers its spritzers — available in peach white, raspberry rosé and blood orange sangria — adult juice boxes. But we think that’s vastly underselling this modern take on vino. The brand has plenty of personality and just the right amount of sass. Take, for example, Movo’s mission: to lighten things up and be a little ray of yay in a world of corkscrews (yes, that’s a dig at traditional wines).

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