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Hard seltzers have taken the libation world by storm. With low carbs, sugars and calorie counts, they are giving beer, cider and just about every other alcoholic refreshment a run for their money. Although these bubbly beverages have been gaining popularity for a few years now, this is officially the summer of the seltzer, with a seemingly endless selection available. Luckily for you, we taste tested 5 top brands to help narrow down your search for the perfect hard seltzer.

Photography provided by White Claw

White Claw

3/5 stars

If you’ve heard of hard seltzers, you’ve heard of White Claw. Although this brand is undoubted the biggest name in the seltzer world right now, I have to admit, it’s definitely not my favorite. This beverage is extremely carbonated and has obvious artificial flavoring. Trust me: There are better seltzers out there.

Photography provided by Truly


4.5/5 stars

As Truly gains popularity, it’s becoming White Claw’s No. 1 competitor. This brand’s bevies have a much more manageable carbonation level yet still satisfy all your bubble and flavor cravings. Truly offers 12 perfectly fruity flavors, including a new rosé option. These little low-carb treats are slightly dangerous since they’re so easy to drink, but they’re definitely worth every single one of the 100 calories they contain.

Photography provided by Press


5/5 stars

Press hard seltzer was a new one for me, but it quickly crept up to the top of my list. It boasts the perfect carbonation level and comes in a range of adventurous flavors — think blackberry hibiscus, pear chamomile and pomegranate ginger — that left my taste buds craving more. Note: These tasty beverages contain just 4% alcohol compared to the 5% found in the two previous options.

Photography provided by Fulton


2/5 stars

Fulton has mastered the craft beer industry, so when I heard that this Minnesota company had decided to tackle the seltzer world, I knew I needed to give it a try. While Fulton’s beer has been revelatory, I’m not sure I see the same happening with the brand’s hard seltzer. I tried both the berry and grapefruit varieties and was immediately turned off by a strange grainy flavor and smell. Maybe that was due to the beverage’s brewery beginnings or the bold flavor profiles, but honestly, I couldn’t finish a can of either.

Photography provided by Bon & Viv

Bon & Viv

4/5 stars

If you consider yourself a carbonation queen, Bon & Viv is the seltzer for you. This beverage was the bubbliest of the bunch, plus at just 90 calories a pop, it doesn’t require a diet cheat day. This brand offers subtle yet solid flavors ranging from pear elderflower to clementine hibiscus — sweet and boozy treats I would definitely recommend.

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