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Step aside, overindulgent girls’ trips with all-day mimosas: Wellness tourism is on the rise. While vacations were once synonymous with lounging on the beach sipping cocktails, these days we’re craving healthier sojourns — ones that leave us feeling better than when we arrived. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of wellness-focused resorts to make that happen. These 5 healing properties around the world will soothe your body, mind and spirit.

Photography provided by Royal Mansour

Royal Mansour

Marrakesh, Morocco

Why We Love It

No trip to Morocco is complete without a visit to a traditional hammam, a steam room steeped in Arabic history where locals go to purify and socialize on the daily. Royal Mansour boasts one of the most opulent options in all of Marrakesh, complete with beautiful environs that add to the appeal. The showpiece of this 53-riad property is the three-story spa, accessed via an incredibly fragrant private citrus grove. Upon arrival, you’re welcomed through a famously intricate white birdcage atrium that honors traditional Arabic architecture.

What to Try

Unsurprisingly, the revitalizing hammam ritual is the thing to do here. Royal Mansour’s hammam has three rooms, all made of marble and kept at various temperatures. Prepare to be scrubbed, cleansed then cleansed some more with traditional Moroccan ingredients. To take your experience to the next level, book a bespoke hammam session that’s tailored to your specific needs or opt for a luxe spa suite for a personalized all-day package you can enjoy with your plus one.

Photography provided by Casa Hormiga

Casa Hormiga

Bacalar, Mexico

Why We Love It

Nicknamed the “new Tulum,” Bacalar is quickly earning a reputation as Mexico’s up-and-coming hippie hot spot, with properties like Casa Hormiga setting the tone. This 18-room boutique hotel opened in August 2020 with an emphasis on sustainability, natural design and community involvement, as the founders believe that true wellness lies in immersing yourself in nature and local culture. The spa, Casa Ritual, has been dubbed a ceremonial sanctuary.

What to Try

The Yucatán Peninsula is home to North America’s largest Indigenous population, the Mayans — which is why an ancestral Mayan ritual is essential here. Start with a temazcal ceremony, where you’ll sit in a traditional sweat lodge with a Mayan healer to cleanse and purify your body, mind and spirit. Or try the new house ritual to let go of heavy energies and manifest your desires.

Photography provided by Shou Sugi Ban House/Fredrika Stjarne

Shou Sugi Ban House

New York, United States

Why We Love It

When most people think of the Hamptons, they picture stylish soirees and epic pool parties. But the area’s first luxury wellness retreat is the opposite of that; Shou Sugi Ban House is all about the Zen. Opening in May 2019 and named for the Japanese wood preservation technique, the property encourages you to chill in order to emerge stronger. With 13 soothing cedar villas and amenities like a hydrotherapy spa, a healing arts barn, and a hyper seasonal and local menu designed by Noma cofounder Mads Refslund, the retreat focuses less on rigor and restrictions and more on slowing down and reconnecting with nature — and yourself.

What to Try

Though Shou Sugi Ban House is named after a Japanese concept, the spa menu skews global. It’s particularly known for its hydrotherapy offerings like the watsu therapy experience, an aquatic massage in a private heated saltwater pool. Another standout? The sacred sound journey, which restores balance through healing sounds from gongs, tuning forks, and Himalayan and crystal bowls.

Photography provided by Ananda in the Himalayas

Ananda in the Himalayas

Narendra Nagar, India

Why We Love It

Situated in the foothills of the Himalayas overlooking the famously spiritual town of Rishikesh, Ananda is among the best Ayurvedic retreats in India. The sister science to yoga, this ancient holistic healing system encourages overall balance through personalized health plans and a strong connection to nature — two things Ananda boasts in spades. The 78-room hotel is also known for its tours of nearby temples and monasteries as well as outdoor activities like kayaking, whitewater rafting and morning mountain hikes.

What to Try

Like most Ayurvedic retreats, Ananda specializes in all-inclusive programs customized to fit your needs, beginning with a personal health consultation. You can also choose from 80+ à la carte treatments. Opt for the abhyanga massage for stress relief and healthier skin or a traditional shirodhara experience to awaken your intuition.

Photography provided by Euphoria Retreat

Euphoria Retreat

Mystras, Greece

Why We Love It

One of Europe’s most celebrated destination spas, Euphoria Retreat is as much about the location and history as it is about the treatments. Opening its doors in 2018, this 45-room inn is built into ancient Byzantine ruins nestled high in the sacred Peloponnese mountains, home to some of Greece’s most prominent archaeological sites. A private grove of cypress trees is primed for forest bathing, and the locally sourced Mediterranean fare is delectable, particularly the fresh soups. But the crown jewel has to be the multilevel spa embedded in the earth, featuring a circular staircase designed to take you through the five elements according to ancient Chinese philosophy: water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

What to Try

Although Euphoria is Greek-owned, the property’s wellness philosophy is also influenced by traditional Chinese medicine. Try the sanctuary for busy minds energy work session to relieve stress or the classic five element balancing massage that leaves you feeling especially grounded. 

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