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One of the best decisions I ever made for my mind, body and health was incorporating traditional Chinese medicine practices into my life. Azalea Acupuncture + Aesthetics is a Minneapolis-based practice that welcomes everyone with the utmost warmth, comfort and care. Here, owner Meaghan Moakley outlines 5 reasons to incorporate traditional Chinese medicine into your self-care practices.

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Traditional Chinese medicine improves overall health. Whether you’re coming in for back pain, allergies or anxiety, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners always ask a series of questions that gives us more information about your overall health. During this interview process, we review health history, discuss any concerns and check in with your whole-body systems. We do this because our health is all interconnected. For example, patients often report that after they get acupuncture, they sleep better, their digestion improves and their nasal congestion clears up.

Acupuncture sessions are incredibly relaxing. The practice activates the parasympathetic nervous system, otherwise known as our rest/digest system. Additionally, acupuncture lowers inflammation and cortisol levels while releasing the body’s feel-good chemicals. Patients report all kinds of experiences during treatment, ranging from falling asleep to having a sense of euphoria. By mindfully incorporating the lifestyle recommendations of traditional Chinese medicine, your overall well-being will improve.

Clinical studies prove that acupuncture is effective. There are many studies that show that acupuncture can be effective for a wide range of concerns, including nausea, pain, allergies, hot flashes, depression, digestion, fatigue, sleep, stress and anxiety. It’s also super effective for women’s health with regard to pregnancy and fertility. Chinese medicine is not new or trendy; it’s a system of medicine that has been around for thousands of years and continues to positively impact people’s lives worldwide.

Traditional Chinese medicine is natural and sustainable. Acupuncture works with your body, and it’s your body that does the healing. Your body has the natural ability to heal itself, and acupuncture can give it a nudge to do what it knows how to do. Unlike Western medicine, acupuncture has no negative side effects and many positive side effects. Traditional Chinese medicine is not a Band-Aid; it’s a lifestyle that gets down to the root of any problems. This is why people see lasting results.

Acupuncture makes you glow from the inside out. This glow is a result of both cosmetic and regular acupuncture services. When people are taking care of themselves and putting their health first by sleeping, eating well, and fostering healthy relationships with themselves and others, they glow. Our good health literally radiates from the inside out. Acupuncture can help with acne, sagging skin, and fine lines and wrinkles, but more importantly, it can help people feel like the most vibrant version of themselves.

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