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In many ways, the past couple years have felt like a never-ending hibernation. Loungewear and Netflix binges were fun while they lasted, but we humans are wired to get out, experience and connect. Now that it’s officially spring, the season of hope and renewal (not to mention the first “normal” one we’ve had in years), we’re all itching to make some changes in our lives. Ready to feel renewed, reenergized and ready for whatever the world throws at you? Here are 5 ways to refresh your life this spring.

Artful Living | Refresh Your Life This Spring

Rewild Yourself

We’re made of stardust and live on an enormous spinning rock hurtling through space. Isn’t that wild? But if you’ve been wintering primarily indoors and in front of screens, you may need a little reminder of your innate wildness. Luckily for us, nature is a powerful antidote to our everyday anxiety and stressors. So, stash your phone and treat yourself to a 10-minute walk outside. As you stroll, make a point to notice what’s happening. Notice your breath, the birds, even the traffic. It’s all happening on this wild planet, and you’re an inherent part of it.

Artful Living | Refresh Your Life This Spring

See Friends IRL

There are dozens of temptingly easy ways to check in on friends remotely, and we’ve all become digital connection experts out of necessity. But these quick hits won’t fill your human connection bucket in a lasting way. Our texts and social feeds don’t reveal all the complex, chaotic details of our lives, so if you’re not getting real-life face time with friends, you’re definitely missing out. Plan to get together with a friend you haven’t seen in a while — and actually keep the date. Bonus points for meeting up someplace new. I guarantee you’ll both reap the IRL benefits.

Artful Living | Refresh Your Life This Spring

Show Your Feet Some Love

The goal is far deeper than smooth heels or fresh polish. It’s about honoring the body that takes you where you want to go. I had an aunt who would massage her feet with lotion every night before she went to bed so she’d never have cracked heels, even in the dead of winter. I’ve since adopted her ritual and find that in addition to smoother tootsies, it helps me fall asleep faster so I can wake up refreshed. Choose a lotion with a calming scent like lavender, chamomile or vanilla, and pull on socks to lock in the moisture while you sleep.

Artful Living | The Guide Galleria Edina Spring

Photography by Victoria Campbell

Have a Retail Moment

It’s called retail therapy for a reason. Brick-and-mortar shopping gets us out of our everyday environs (Hello, WFH!) and lets us experiment with new ways to present ourselves to the world. We’re all evolving as humans, and sometimes adding a fresh item to your wardrobe can help you more accurately portray who you are on the inside to people looking on from the outside. Play with current styles and choose what speaks to you. Nothing’s more attractive than someone who knows and embraces exactly who they are.

Artful Living | Refresh Your Life This Spring

Get Your Volunteering On

Contributing to a good cause is perhaps the greatest tonic for those who want to feel radically alive. It gets us out of our own heads and into a greater good mindset. The key is to pick a cause that’s dear to your heart. You can start small: donate blood; pack meals for people in need; collect blankets, sheets and towels for a local animal rescue; or simply contribute to an important cause online.

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