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Bountifield International has been creating resilient food solutions in rural sub-Saharan Africa for more than 40 years. Founded in 1981 by retired food scientists and engineers from General Mills and Pillsbury, the Minneapolis-based nonprofit equips small-holder farmers and rural entrepreneurs with the tools and skills to lead post-harvest processing businesses. These programs have benefitted more than one million people to date and aim to impact more than 10 million by 2030. Their small-scale technology projects have an undeniable effect on the communities they support by improving output, saving labor hours, and increasing social and economic gains. Simply put, this organization is changing lives.Here are 3 great reasons to get involved with Bountifield International this season.

Artful Living | 3 Reasons to Support Bountifield International This Season

Photography provided by Bountifield International

Give to Make a Difference

Donations to Bountifield International directly support African entrepreneurs, helping them build business skills, develop financial literacy and acquire necessary technology. They make machines like maize shellers and sorghum processors available to rural farmers that save days of manual labor and reduce food waste, increasing overall volume production and profit. Between June 2020 and March 2023, Bountifield International’s efforts have saved 114,760 hours of time (70% of which impacted women specifically). “I have seen for myself how the thresher works,” shares Naomi, a Kenyan farmer. “To me, using the thresher is much better than using manual labor, because it takes less time. Here we have taken less than two hours, a task that would have otherwise taken two or three days to process manually.” Each donation ensures the continuation of these quantifiable positive changes.

Artful Living | 3 Reasons to Support Bountifield International This Season

Have a Bigger Impact

For every dollar invested in Bountifield International, there’s a projected $6.42 in economic gains and social value for the surrounding rural communities. Donations make it possible for entrepreneurs to immediately gain access to affordable technology solutions, business education, training and financial capital. This helps create jobs and revenue growth, resulting in increased long-term earnings, economic activity, household resilience, profits and wages as well as reduced post-harvest loss. “Being a rural entrepreneur, I have been able to bring in other youth to help me with the maize shelling business,” explains Bernard, a young entrepreneur in Kenya. “In return, they get a commission and others get daily pay during the season to help them provide for their families.” The rippling benefits of support grow exponentially, making every dollar even more meaningful.

Artful Living | 3 Reasons to Support Bountifield International This Season

Support to Change Lives

Bountifield International’s cascading impacts create food security that supports future generations. The sheller has helped me increase my income,” another entrepreneur shares. “Once I complete shelling for a client, I’m paid and can use the extra money to feed my family. I can also use the money to buy a book or uniform for my child or pay for school fees.” With more free time and household income, children can benefit from more years of schooling, which in turn leads to increased future lifetime earnings for the next generation. Families see immediate improvements in economic opportunity, nutrition and overall well-being. Over time, these positive changes reinforce a healthier, more resilient household. Bountifield International’s impact goes further than simple equipment — the nonprofit’s work truly changes lives.

Learn more about Bountifield International and make a donation today.

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