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Artful Living | Lisa Peck on Designing Wellness Into Your Home

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Because so many of us now spend our days within the walls of our homes thanks to our increasingly virtual world, it’s absolutely vital that our personal spaces support our mental and physical well-being. After all, our environments directly impact our health from the inside out! To inspire your summer design refresh, we tapped LiLu Interiors Owner and Principal Designer Lisa Peck for her expertise on the best colors, rooms and self-care features for designing wellness into your home.

What does wellness in the home mean to you?

To me, it means designing spaces that align with your wellness goals. The rooms, the functionalities incorporated throughout and objects you surround yourself with can either help or hinder these goals. By intentionally designing spaces that encourage you to move, breathe a little deeper or simply crack a smile, you can support both your physical and mental health.

Artful Living | Lisa Peck on Designing Wellness Into Your Home

Which colors are best suited for rooms focused on well-being?

I recommend earthy color schemes, such as soft greens, to create a connection to nature. A combination like soft pink and sage green or blue and gray will create a soothing environment to promote rest, while aqua, butter yellow or sky blue will make for a happy, uplifting room that’s sure to boost your mood the moment you step foot inside.

Where are the best spaces for incorporating self-care design touches?

I believe any space can support self-care, but my favorites are the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room. In the bathroom, spa-like features such as a steam shower, sauna or soaking tub can help improve sleep, alleviate joint or muscle pain, and bring a sense of relaxation into daily life. To elevate the spa-like experience, I incorporate soft and sumptuous textures that engage our sense of touch and utilize colors that evoke calm and grounded feelings. In the bedroom, a soothing color palette along with adjustable lighting and soft, comforting textures can promote deep sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed. A kitchen that functions effectively and is pleasant to cook in can support the decision to eat well. And in the living room, furnishings and decor pieces with curvilinear lines, oxygen-promoting plants, and an outdoor-inspired color palette can evoke a feeling of being close to nature, which can be very grounding.

Artful Living | Lisa Peck on Designing Wellness Into Your Home

Many people look to art to spark joy within the home. What do you look for when selecting artwork for clients?

While it speaks to each of us differently, art that puts the viewer in touch with nature is my top recommendation. This could be an abstract reference to the sea or a landscape, or a motif related to animals or foliage. When in doubt, the gold standard is selecting a piece of art that makes you smile!

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