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First things first, let me fully disclose that I have a total girl crush on Jasna Burza and have for years. She is a Twin Cities–based business and life coach who is transforming lives with her incredible work. (She has even shared her expertise with us in the past.) So I was thrilled when she agreed to give us the inside scoop on her new book, Healer in Heels, which combines cutting-edge science, holistic approaches, and wisdom from thought leaders like former Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, Life Time CEO Bahram Akradi and more. Here, Burza explains the inspiration behind the tome, what readers can expect to take away and more.

Artful Living | Inside Life Coach Jasna Burza’s New Book, “Healer in Heels”

Photography provided by Jasna Burza

What was your inspiration for writing this book?

During the pandemic, I saw unparalleled confusion and anxiety all around me, and I realized that these emotions were changing our lives in profound ways. They spilled into our every day, and it seemed like no one had any answers.

At the same time, I felt so grounded and peaceful because of the practices I had learned over the years. Not only that, I took that time to deepen my own spirituality, learn more about quantum physics and interview others who knew how to weather storms. I realized it was the perfect time to write this book and share those practices with others. The world is changing so quickly, and we are losing our sense of purpose, our peace and our ability to serve others. As a result, we are numbing ourselves, avoiding hard things, and forgetting how capable and powerful we truly are.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. These challenges can mold us and remind us of our power. They can help us remember that we are capable beyond measure and that we can rise above any situation if we tap into our inner strength and wisdom. That’s what Healer in Heels is all about: It offers practical tools and strategies for navigating life’s challenges with grace and resilience, and for finding peace and purpose even in the most uncertain of times.

I firmly believe that we all have the capacity to be our own healers and that by learning to tap into our inner wisdom and strength, we can overcome any obstacle and create a life that is truly fulfilling. In Healer in Heels, I share the tools and strategies that have helped me and countless others do just that.

Artful Living | Inside Life Coach Jasna Burza’s New Book, “Healer in Heels”

Photography by Emerald Rue

Why is Healer in Heels so desperately needed in today’s world?

Because we are living in a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty. The pandemic has upended our lives in countless ways, leaving many of us feeling anxious, overwhelmed and unsure of what the future holds. We are bombarded with information from all sides, much of it conflicting or confusing, and it can be difficult to know how to navigate this new reality.

I think this book offers a perfect balance of wisdom: the practical and emotional, the scientific and spiritual, the poetic and instructive. It provides a road map for navigating these uncertain times with greater ease and resilience, drawing upon a range of disciplines to offer practical tools and strategies for personal transformation. By integrating all of these insights, I offer a comprehensive approach to healing that takes into account the many facets of our lives.

This book offers a powerful antidote to the overwhelming uncertainty and confusion that so many of us are experiencing. It reminds us that we are capable of greatness, that we have the power to transform our own lives and the world around us, and that we are all in this together.

Artful Living | Inside Life Coach Jasna Burza’s New Book, “Healer in Heels”

Photography by Emerald Rue

What was it like to interview thought leaders like Mark Dayton, Bahram Akradi and Marya Hornbacher?

It was an honor and a privilege to talk with these amazing humans. Each of them has a unique perspective on life and has faced their own share of challenges. I was surprised by how approachable they were and how willing they were to talk about these concepts.

Some common themes were: We all go through hardship at some point in our lives. Whether we are facing health issues, financial struggles or other personal challenges, we all need someone or something to help us persevere. This kind of guidance can serve as a sort of North Star, helping us stay focused on our values and goals even in the face of adversity.

Another important realization that came out of these conversations was this: Becoming, healing or having success is a journey. None of us are fully formed or perfect, and we all have the capacity for growth and transformation. Lastly, love and forgiveness are powerful tools that can help us on this journey, allowing us to let go of past hurts and move forward with grace.

I feel changed and affirmed by talking to them. These are some of the most successful, notable people we know — and yet, the commonalities between us all gave me peace and the love they feel for humanity gave me hope.

Artful Living | Inside Life Coach Jasna Burza’s New Book, “Healer in Heels”

Photography by Emerald Rue

Why do you think Healer in Heels is already resonating so much with readers?

I think because it speaks to the universal human experience of seeking meaning, purpose and connection in a world that feels overwhelming. It offers a message of hope and possibility. I am not a guru and this is not a formula for how to live — rather, it’s a gentle companion.

Many of us today are seeking a more integrated approach to health and well-being that recognizes the importance of addressing all aspects of the self. This book acknowledges the interconnectedness of our physical, emotional and spiritual selves.

I also believe the book is resonating because it encourages us to develop our own unique genius and to believe in our own ability to achieve greatness. Many people today are recognizing that they have untapped potential and are seeking ways to unlock it and use it to make a positive impact in the world. We have stopped believing in ourselves and stopped creating — and it’s time we take our power back.

Artful Living | Inside Life Coach Jasna Burza’s New Book, “Healer in Heels”

Photography by Emerald Rue

What are some of the key takeaways from the book?

We are facing unprecedented levels of stress, uncertainty and polarization in today’s world, but there are tools and practices that can help us find balance and inner peace. We are not our environment, and we do have the power to influence our world. It’s time we start believing and practicing that.

It is important to become more disciplined about the noise coming from the outside world and to cultivate our own inner voice, which can guide us toward greater clarity and purpose. The concept of coherence is a powerful tool for removing overwhelm and finding joy. It’s a concept that explains why some days feel so chaotic and how to change that energy so we don’t let it spill into the rest of our lives.

We are witnessing a collective restlessness and anxiety that can be attributed to a variety of factors, including the fast pace of modern life, the impact of technology and social media, and the growing sense of disconnection from nature and community. Nature has a profound healing effect on our physical, emotional and spiritual selves. By spending time in nature and connecting with its rhythms and cycles, we can tap into its restorative power.

Sun is a forgotten healing power; just sunshine alone can help us heal. Physics can be used to change the energy of our homes and our lives, creating a more harmonious and supportive environment. Prayer can be a powerful tool for healing and transformation, even for those who do not believe in a higher power. And forgiveness is a powerful tool for healing and releasing negative emotions. By learning to forgive ourselves and others, we can create a more positive and peaceful inner landscape.

The law of attraction is actually a law of resonance, meaning we attract experiences and circumstances that are in resonance with our thoughts and emotions. It’s not magic; it’s science. By understanding the science behind our intentions and beliefs, we can learn to cultivate a more positive and empowering mindset.

Finally, I really want to emphasize that Healer in Heels is not about quick fixes or shortcuts to success or healing. It is a journey of self-discovery that requires commitment, courage and a willingness to embrace change. By taking small, consistent steps toward our goals and by learning to trust the process of life — even during the difficult moments — we can create a life that is fulfilling, meaningful and peaceful.

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