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As the end of the year approaches, we’re taking a moment to reflect back on our favorite stories from the past 365 days. Including the likes of Coach K and Sarah Jessica Parker, here, we present the lineup of people who helped shaped 2019.

Photography by Brandon Werth

Andrew Zimmern

In a terribly and wonderfully candid interview, celebuchef Andrew Zimmern spoke to us about the trauma that set off his addictions, the time he tried to drink himself to death, the constant work he does to stay sober even today and everything in between.

Photography provided by Mall of America

Sarah Jessica Parker

An effervescent enigma, Sarah Jessica Parker has served as muse to the modern world of style, culture and beyond. In our exclusive interview with the icon, we chatted about SJP’s arrival at Mall of America, her first encounter with Manolo Blahnik and how she defines “original” in the age of the Internet.

Photography by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Coach K

Special contributor Michele Tafoya sat down with the winningest coach in NCCA Division I history, Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski, for a conversation about his views on players going pro after just one college season, where he stands on college athletes getting paid, how a couple of Minnesotans have thrived in his program and the influence of his late mother.

Photography by Johnny Miller © 2019

Angie Mar

For chef Angie Mar, food and fashion have always gone hand in hand: “When I was a kid, I used to go into my mom’s room, borrow the magazines on her dresser and page through them in my pillow fort.” Fast-forward to 2019, and she is now the chef/owner of New York City’s sexiest (and meatiest) restaurant, the Beatrice Inn.

Photography by Michael Ochs Archives/Stringer

Judy Garland

The world said goodbye to screen legend Judy Garland 50 years ago, making it the perfect time to revisit her influential Minnesota upbringing — back before she took up her stage name. Back before she faced the pressures of fame. And back before her never-ending tango with “husbands and hospitals, prescriptions and problems.”

Photography provided by Netflix

Bobby Berk

A member of the fab five, Bobby Berk moved to New York City with big dreams and is now building his own design empire one house flip at a time. We talked to the home-improvement guru about all things Queer Eye and how design affects our mental health.

Photography by Camille Lizama | Hair and makeup by Julie Phaxay | Clothing provided by Hound & Hare | On location at the Saint Paul Hotel

Laura Schara

Lifelong outdoors enthusiast Laura Schara loves fashion as much as she loves adventure. Which is why she’s keen to cover everything from a family heirloom halibut recipe to her favorite sporting lodges to lesser known hunting dog breeds to the history of tweed, a classic style statement.

Photography by Spacecrafting

Ann Kim

Chef Ann Kim, winner of the 2019 James Beard Best Chef: Midwest award, changed the culinary landscape both locally and nationally when she debuted her neighborhood pizza joint, Pizzeria Lola. Her empire quickly spun out two more eateries, Hello Pizza and Young Joni, with another one on the way.

Photography provided by National Geographic/Cheyne Lempe

Jimmy Chin

Minnesota native Jimmy Chin’s sense of adventure was first sparked in his youth during a family vacation to Montana’s Glacier National Park, where he was awestruck taking in the surrounding mountainscape. Since then, he’s made a career of it, including winning an Academy Award this year for his documentary Free Solo.

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