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Photography provided by National Geographic/Cheyne Lempe

Oscar-winning adventure photographer (not to mention Minnesota native) Jimmy Chin’s adrenaline-fueled career has taken him across the globe in pursuit of the world’s most incredible experiences and images. We asked him three quick questions about chasing thrills, taking risks and more.

What has been the greatest thrill of your career to date?

It’s a tossup: skiing Everest, climbing the Shark’s Fin on Meru, shooting my first cover for National Geographic, or winning an Oscar.

Photography provided by National Geographic/Cheyne Lempe

How do you continue to find excitement in all your adventures?

Going to places I’ve never been is really thrilling to me; the more remote and less traveled, the better. I love visiting new cultures, learning and seeing the world through different perspectives. The simple things I’ve always loved and pursued early in my career — being in the mountains, climbing, hiking, skiing, just being out there, whether it’s near home or far away — still keep me motivated and inspired.

Photography provided by National Geographic/Matthew Irving

What advice do you have for someone considering taking a risk?

There are two great risks in life: risking too much and risking too little. Make sure you’re contemplating both sides carefully. I also always think that every day you go to bed, your life is one day shorter, so make the most of every day.

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