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Although the work-from-home lifestyle has its perks, it can be challenging to get motivated knowing my workspace is literally in the next room. I’ve come to realize that a thoughtfully curated and organized space makes me feel so much more inspired, creative and productive. The New Year is the perfect time to refresh your WFH space with these 10 office essentials.

Photography provided by Rejuvenation

McDermitt Walnut Bookshelf

Rejuvenation at Galleria Edina

A well-designed bookshelf will elevate any room. Rejuvenation’s McDermitt design embraces both a vintage and modern vibe that meets all of your organizational and aesthetic needs.

Photography provided by Golden Coil

Linen Planner

Golden Coil

The reason paper planners are still so popular in the digital age is because they offer us a space to creatively map out our daily lives. It’s not too late to find one that fits your style, and Golden Coil offers an array of eclectic designs to shop.

Photography provided by Courant

Catch:3 Essentials Wireless Charging and Accessory Tray


Is there anything more stressful in the modern world than when your phone notifies you that it’s almost out of battery? Courant has you covered with this chic charging pad that also acts as a tray for your everyday items.

Photography provided by Mother Co.

A Houseplant

Mother Co.

Plants don’t just serve as excellent decor; they can also help boost our mental health and the spaces we work and live in. Mother Co. has a huge selection of plants, and the knowledgeable team can help you find one that aligns with your personality type.

Photography provided by West Elm

Crosley C6 Turntable

West Elm

Ambiance is everything when creating a daily workflow at home. One fun way to revive the energy of your space is by incorporating a timeless turntable. You can pick a chill record, hit start and walk away — no shuffle or skips necessary.

Photography provided by Good Office Day

Expanding File

Good Office Day

There’s a difference between having your ducks in a row and actually having everything you need in one organized place. You’ll feel good about investing in this Good Office Day expanding file for supporting both your sanity and the mission of this sustainably focused company.

Photography provided by The Foundry Home Goods

Nomad Single Letter Tray

The Foundry Home Goods

Creating lists and stacks is inevitable when melding your home and office into one entity. As functional as it is lovely, this sustainably made oak tray is the perfect organizer for your desk.

Photography provided by Nakabayashi

Champagne Gold Slim Scissors

Golden Rule Gallery

Anything that makes life a bit simpler should be categorized as a “need” when curating your office. These two-blade scissors cut with a delicate, light force and are designed to be gentle on your fingers — a win-win for productivity and design.

Photography provided by CB2

Nyle Suede Office Chair


When it comes to your home office, comfort is just as important as functionality. A seat dedicated strictly for work is excellent for both mindset and management. This stunning CB2 suede chair is a no-brainer purchase if you ask me.

Photography provided by HAY

Matin Table Lamp


Effectively lighting your workspace throughout the day is key. This HAY lamp adds a touch of romance to any area and offers an elegant energy whether on or off.

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