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Life update: the wellness movement isn’t going anywhere. And just when we thought the billion-dollar industry was set to plateau, new brands and nostalgic practices of yesteryear continue to reveal themselves as essential methods to lean on to make our lives feel fresh and inspired. In that spirit, here are 5 top trending ways to up your wellness game as we step into summer.

Take the Plunge

We’re no strangers to the power of a cold plunge moment. And since we tried the Wim Hof Method back in 2021, the wide array of cold water therapy offerings now available have made it even easier to include the viral practice as a part of your daily life. Whether you’re embracing the frigid waters in nature, at a spa or in the comfort of your own shower, cold water therapy encourages critical breathing techniques to aid in the formation of a stronger mind-body connection. Turn on your “I can do this” mode of thinking and splash away.

Sweat it Out

The renaissance of the recreational sauna is here and we couldn’t be more excited. Traditional saunas, infrared sauna therapy as well as communal steam room experiences are no longer just a spa experience, but are popping up everywhere and in all pockets of the world. Watershed in Minneapolis is the perfect destination to get a feeling for each of these rituals and boasts plenty of room for friends. Sweat, relax, repeat.

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Understand Your Energy

Knowledge is power and having a clear understanding of what exactly is happening inside your body is the key to being your most unstoppable self. Whoop is a sleek wristband technology that tracks your body’s overall exertion and produces daily reports to point you into the right recovery direction. Used by athletes, doctors and performance experts, it’s a game changer in the market of feeling good. Let’s get physical!

Sleep Smarter

Never has early bedtime ever been sexier. Sleep apps like BetterSleep, Calm and the Harvard-backed Stellar Sleep each are ready to aid in making you glow with a suite of unique tools to promote more consistent snooze patterns. BetterSleep has an endless amount of resources including a guide to the color spectrum of sound which breaks down the best approaches to allowing certain sounds to improve your wellbeing. Life hacks are all around us and dreaming sweet is definitely one of them.

Photography provided by Co-Star

Look to the Stars

Feeling a certain way and can’t seem to figure out why? Look up, because there’s most definitely something happening in the stars. Even the most modern skeptic can’t deny how affirming it feels to hear their horoscope detail either something they need to hear or exactly what they’re hoping to hear. Brands like Co-Star make it easy to approach the vast astrological field and aid in deciphering the mystery of human relations through Nasa data, biting truth and a sense of humor.

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