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Most people have only used a sauna at a gym or hotel, and many are left with questions and curiosities about the experience. Duluth’s Cedar + Stone Nordic Sauna aims to amplify the health benefits that can be achieved through sauna use by guiding guests through customized experiences with its unique mobile sauna model. Here, founders Justin and Gretchen Juntunen give us a closer glimpse at Cedar + Stone’s guided sauna experience and share how sauna use is an easy stress relief tool.

Photography by Angela Smith

What prompted you to launch Cedar + Stone?

Since the beginning of Cedar + Stone, we have been tuned into the fact that our lives are stressful. We also believe that using a sauna is one of the most tried and true methods of proactive stress relief. Cut to the pandemic, where stress has been more prevalent than ever. When we reopened for guests, we saw that our saunas provided a way to safely relieve stress, and we feel incredibly fortunate to be able to hold that space.

We also saw a surge in home improvement projects. Folks are wanting their homes to serve as sanctuaries, and the addition of a sauna is a perfect way to achieve that. We were able to focus a lot of energy into the custom build side of our business.

What are some of the wellness benefits of sauna use?

Saunas offer so many holistic health benefits. One of our favorite things to talk about is how unique of an exercise it truly is. Sauna is a form of passive cardiovascular exercise that’s accessible and beneficial to all. The practice is also incredibly cleansing and serves as a wonderful way to release toxins from the body. Other benefits include boosted immunity, vibrant skin and stress relief.

Can you explain Cedar + Stone’s signature sauna experience?

When you join us for a guided sauna session or work with us to build a custom sauna, you will be treated with a customized experience based on your needs and wants. For our custom build clients, there are a series of design consult meetings in which our design team helps guide and map out your dream sauna. If you book an experience with us, you will enjoy a private sauna session on the shores of Lake Superior, where you will be treated to a high-quality wood fire sauna as well as seasonal thermal cycling offerings.

What is it like being a part of the Duluth community?

Cedar + Stone has been committed to the Duluth community for decades, because we recognize just how special of a city it is. With endless access to wild spaces and unmatched natural resources, Duluth provides a true connection to the land. The city also has a rich entrepreneurial spirit and presence. There are many small businesses that have paved the way and helped create a community that is receptive and supporting of small businesses.

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