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My lifelong love of travel has taught me that though the journey may be challenging, the destination is always worth it. I’ve compiled a few comforts that can smooth the way, whether traveling with small children for a weekend or heading out on international business. My advice? Buy a ticket and go — you won’t regret it. Here’s hoping your next adventure is booked and that you get to share it with those you love.

The White + Warren travel wrap is a favorite for cashmere comfort while navigating changing climates from departure to destination. It has become an essential outfit layer and is versatile enough to function as an in-flight blanket. Mine has seen some serious miles without losing its quality. It’s perfect for cozying up a little one, too.

The Cuyana travel case set simplifies packing essentials that require a designated spot in order to stay organized. The smaller one holds all of my in-flight non-negotiables, and the larger is big enough for everything else, safely stowed. Crafted in gorgeous leather in timelessly elegant silhouettes, these bags make a great gift.

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I love coffee, but it comes with the risk of feeling jittery, which is not conducive to travel. Enter matcha — a finely ground Japanese green tea containing high levels of L-theanine, an amino acid that aids in focus and promotes natural relaxation. Matcha is perfect to sip for balanced, anxiety-free energy, particularly when traveling with a toddler or adjusting to a new time zone.

My Lunya sleep mask is always in my carry-on. It’s like a satin blackout pillow for your eyes to help you get some sleep on a long flight and avoid jet lag. I’ll never stop singing its praises.

New York City–based Korean skincare line Superegg’s TSA-friendly Modern Travelers pack is perfect for long-haul flights. The self-care set includes the award-winning hand cream and the innovative hydrogel eye and cheek mask. Because the formulations aim to nurture skin, they’re perfect for protection from dry conditions on flights in ultra chic packaging.

Noise-canceling headphones are a must. I purchased my Bose set ahead of a 16-plus-hour flight from JFK to HKG and have never looked back.

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