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Summer is one of the most enjoyable seasons here in the North, and yet, enjoyable does not equal stress-free. That’s why we’ve gathered 7 of our favorite tools and products to help you banish stress. Add these wellness goodies (coupled with practices like plentiful sleep and ample hydration, of course) to your self-care arsenal stat.

Photography provided by PYM

PYM Mood Chews

Ever find yourself in situation where you need some stress support ASAP? PYM’s mood chews are as close to instant gratification as it gets. Formulated with amino acids and adaptogens that help regulate the body’s hormone levels to combat stress, these all-natural poppable products are a must-have in your medicine cabinet, purse, carry-on — you name it.

Photography provided by WTHN

WTHN Acupressure Mat Set

We’re big fans of WTHN, the New York City–based acupuncture studio that has blessed the wellness world outside of the Big Apple with its herbal remedies and acupressure products. The latest and greatest is the acupressure mat set, which has gentle stimulators that activate specific acupoints across the body for deep relaxation, better sleep, and pain and soreness relief.

Photography provided by SVA

SVA All-Natural Supplements

Premier hospitality group Aman debuted all-natural wellness brand SVA amid the pandemic so that aficionados could take their well-being into their own hands during their time at home. The line combines traditional Chinese wisdom and modern knowledge for targeted (and aptly titled) offerings like Calm, Balance and Uplift.

Photography provided by Fitish

Fitish Night In Set

Stress reduction definitely involves a night in, and CBD skincare brand Fitish wants to make sure it’s a good one. This set includes the must-have Roll Model CBD and retin alt eye serum and the Night Game CBD and retin alt cream and CBD glow serum duo. You’ll awake refreshed and ready to face the day (get it?).

Photography provided by DNA Vibe

DNA Vibe Jazz Band

If you aren’t doing light therapy, are you really even taking care of yourself? DNA Vibe features red-light, near-infrared, magnetic and micro-vibration energy all in one convenient wearable band that you can control with your phone. The soothing sensation helps promote relaxation, improve circulation, and ease inflammation, pain and discomfort.

Photography provided by Joyà

Joyà Adaptogenic Immunity Bundle

Joyà harnesses nature’s most powerful ingredients to create expert-formulated herbal blends and elixirs that support optimal health (and actually taste good). The well-rounded Adaptogenic Immunity Bundle has you covered on all fronts, with the Bliss cacao, Focus matcha-moringa and Glow turmeric elixirs.

Photography provided by Saje

Saje x The Little Market Diffuser

The Little Market cofounders Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla teamed up with well-known wellness brand Saje to craft this limited-edition essential oil diffuser that freshens the air in your home while also making a positive impact. Purchases support the nonprofit’s mission to break the cycle of poverty for artisans in marginalized communities.

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