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If we’re being honest, my head of hair is all out of sorts. I’ve got a cowlick in the front and in the back, and it very obviously has a mind of its own when it comes to which way it chooses to stand up on any given day. I have noticed some signs of my hair thinning but, thankfully, have come to the conclusion that they only appear when I’m stressed or fatigued. All in all, I do think I take pretty good care of my hair and I’ve remained loyal to trusted products to keep it that way. Enter Odele Beauty.

Toward the end of last year, the owners of Odele Beauty requested a meeting at the Artful Living office ahead of the brand’s official media tour for its early 2020 launch to present its fresh range of hair-care products.

Odele Beauty | Artful Living Magazine

A women-owned and -operated company, Odele is the manifestation of decades of experience in the worlds of beauty and product development, and the lifestyle brand is made for the everyday. Its mission is simple: to democratize the beauty space and put fancy, clean products where they belong — off the top shelf and into real life. So I got my hands on a few Odele products to test them out and see if this brand was right for me.

Odele Beauty | Artful Living Magazine

The Products

When selecting the Odele products that might work for me, I loved the fact that each individual formula is developed based on needs by hair type and not by gender, age or the like. Another incredible selling point is that every formula in the range of products is clean — including the fragrance — making it safe for any member of any household to use. Based on my research, I opted for the Smoothing Shampoo, the Smoothing Conditioner and the Texturizing Sea Salt Spray.

The Verdict

I’m now into my second week of using Odele Beauty, and I’m pleased to report my immediate satisfaction. My hair feels healthy, strong and, above all, clean. The products’ natural fragrance is so refreshing and remains consistent across both shampoo and conditioner. The Texturizing Sea Salt Spray has become a must during my personal styling routine, requiring just a few spritzes before my hair is dry. Also, the branding is absolutely on point, making Odele a more than welcome addition amongst the abundance of products found across my bathroom.

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