Letter from the Editors

Kate Nelson: We travel to grow, to learn, to see the beauty in the world and within ourselves. I recently returned from a sojourn to Amanera, an extraordinary resort tucked along the quiet north coast of the Dominican Republic (page 92). I like to think of myself as an Aman junkie and aim to stay at all the properties in the brand’s growing portfolio. Aman is known the world over for its strikingly simple architecture, the ultimate in luxurious minimalism.

Hayley Saunders: Design aficionados should start packing their bags and making plans to stay at the eight best new design hotels highlighted in our feature written by Ashlea Halpern (page 110). There’s something for every type of traveler, from a breathtaking Mexican retreat modeled after a Mayan ruin to a Malaysian Victorian Eden full of visual trickery to a quartet of converted historic structures in New Orleans.

KN: Closer to home, it’s undeniable that where and how you grow up shapes who you become. That’s certainly the case for the Midwest’s own Tom Brokaw, whose South Dakota upbringing greatly influenced his incredible career. Our exclusive interview with the legendary newsman by Michele Tafoya is undoubtedly a highlight of this issue (page 214).

HS: Speaking of South Dakota, it’s also home to one of the world’s most luxurious survivalist underground bunker communities (yes, you read that right). Writer Reid Forgrave digs into this phenomenon and leaves us all wondering: Is it crazy to invest in one — or crazy not to? (page 198)

KN: We’re thrilled to have style arbiter David Coggins on board as a regular contributor. A Minnesotan turned New Yorker, he penned the New York Times bestseller Men and Style, and helps gentlemen make informed clothing choices on the regular. You can expect his style column in every issue. (page 50)

HS: When it comes to style, ski fashion is in a category of its own. We’ve got the hottest trends to keep you looking chic on and off the slopes, as modeled by Sudanese supermodel Grace Bol and captured by Swiss photographer Hans Feurer (page 64). And the Guide takes you from the city to the beach to the mountains to the desert (page 57). Wherever life takes you next, travel artfully.

Happy reading,



Kate Nelson, Editor-in-Chief, and Hayley Saunders, Managing Editor + Associate Publisher




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