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A year ago, Odele Beauty hit shelves at Target stores across the country and instantly became the newest darling of the hair-care aisle. To celebrate its first birthday, the clean beauty brand has launched three new products that we’ve officially added to our self-care repertoire: a dry shampoo, a clarifying shampoo and a leave-in detangling tonic.

I should mention that all of Odele’s gender-neutral offerings are designed, formulated and manufactured right here in Minneapolis. Plus they’re intended for everyday use as well as for sharing (if you can bring yourself to actually share them). The line is the culmination of founders Britta Chatterjee, Lindsay Holden and Shannon Kearney’s collective knowledge and extensive experience across the beauty, retail and marketing sectors. Now, let’s dive right into these new goodies.

Photography provided by Odele Beauty

Most people I know who use dry shampoo on the regular have a complicated relationship with it. They usually reach for it when they’re in a crunch and need immediate relief — with mixed results. But Odele’s dry shampoo stands apart from the crowd. This nutrient-packed, plant-based powder lets you control how much is being applied. After a couple of uses, I can tell you that this product is brilliantly straightforward; it absorbs oil without leaving your hair feeling gritty. It’s truly a lifesaver.

Another hit in this trio is the clarifying shampoo. Consider this product a weekly reset for your scalp. Formulated using sulfate-free lathering cleansers as well as chelation technology that acts as a magnet for impurities, this shampoo easily brings your hair back to neutral. The results from my first use have me hooked, and I’m definitely going to be adding this shampoo to my Sunday self-care routine.

Lastly, the salon-grade leave-in detangling tonic is the definition of silky goodness. This lightweight product encourages hydration, boosts shine and protects against environmental damage. The natural fragrance is super soothing and a welcome addition to the scent profiles of the existing products in my arsenal.

In conclusion, Odele Beauty has delivered once again, making good on its mission to democratize the beauty space. Adding fancy, clean products like these into your everyday life is a simple yet effective reminder that investing in things that help you feel like your best self is an act of radical self-care. I may not have plans to go out anytime soon, but I can assure you that my hair is living its best life at home thanks to Odele.

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