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Meaghan Moakley

Azalea Acupuncture & Aesthetics

Meaghan Moakley can interpret the lines in people’s faces. As a licensed and board-certified acupuncturist and owner of the newly opened Azalea Acupuncture & Aesthetics in Edina, it’s part of her job. Face reading, as it’s called, is just one way she makes diagnoses and determines what treatments and food therapies will work best for her patients.

“The fine lines next to eyes — what we call crow’s feet — tilt upward and signify laughing and happiness,” she explains. “The ones that go down signify grief and sadness. None of us are without sadness; you wouldn’t be living a full life without it. Lines on your face are not a tragedy.”

But they can be indicative of underlying conditions or stagnated emotions that need support. And it’s also alright if you just want to improve the look of your skin with an alternative to Botox or fillers. “Whatever you’re coming in for, I’ll check on your whole-body health, because it affects your skin,” she notes. Back to grief, for example: If those emotions stagnate, it’s going to affect how you look and how you feel.

Based on an in-depth intake assessment, Moakley develops an individualized plan that helps tighten skin and boost elasticity — all while addressing underlying causes — by placing needles that create micro trauma. This in turn induces blood flow and collagen production. For those who work the plan, she says, the results can be dramatic, including firmer skin and reduced lines.

“We’re lucky to age, and every year is a gift, even if some years are harder than others,” she concludes. “I can help patients embrace their authenticity, their individuality and their diversity. We’re always working on the spirit, soul and mind-body connection and helping patients look and feel like the most authentic, beautiful versions of themselves.” 

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