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There’s no souvenir quite like the sights, sounds and memories we collect as we travel. From coastal sunsets to cobblestone streets, elements from our favorite global destinations can inspire our most visited locale: home. With beautiful travel-influenced designs like these, consider the expertise of Hendel Homes your new passport to inspiration.

Photography provided by Hendel Homes

Moroccan Architecture

Distinctive archways and fluid lines have enticed designers across the globe to incorporate elements of Moroccan architecture into their homes. This entry demonstrates Moorish stucco walls and a narrow arch which is an evocation of Roman architecture. Upstairs balconies offer an outdoor escape much like the courtyards of Moroccan homes. On the interior, white-washed walls reflect the bright sunlight as if just steps from the desert.

Nature-Inspired Architecture

Visiting boutique hotels and private gardens centered around nature exudes a sense of peace and tranquility. Natural landscapes in your own backyard create that same secluded, paradisal feel. An organic courtyard created by trees lining the home’s perimeter offers privacy around the pool and pool house. This creates a vista of natural texture, color and comfort. The simple beauty of nature paired with clean design will help you and your house guests channel that luxurious resort feeling.

Parisian Design

Characterized by high ceilings and tall windows, Parisian design complements the contemporary use of natural light while incorporating nods to old Europe. Groin vaulted ceilings are a high design detail that showcases the precision of artisan craftsmanship. This can be seen in the Parisian design of grand castles. Groin and barrel vaults intersect to form a cross vault, supporting the ceiling with a foundation at the four corners of the room. Ornate lighting with gold details adds an antique touch while French doors offer an inviting feature.

Colonial Architecture

Seaside blues and grays make this East Coast–inspired haven reminiscent of a classic Cape Cod beach house. Tall stone fireplaces, cedar shake siding and roof, cupolas, plus a garden or orangery room, create the sophisticated appearance of this classic Colonial-style abode. Gorgeous symmetry throughout the facade adds to the simple charm. Whether you’re feeling inspired by a stroll on the boardwalk or an afternoon by the shore, this home has the perfect coastal touch.

Mediterranean Design

This coastal-inspired residence evokes a sense of teal blue waters just outside the window. Exposed timber beams add a touch of warmth and substance representative of Mediterranean design. Throughout architectural history, these beams were used for structural purposes and now are incorporated to enhance the interior or exterior of residential spaces. Seaside light fixtures and a stone fireplace add to the organic feel, while sandy neutral tones complement the lush greens and blues.

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