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Artful Living | Charles Stinson and Jyland Craft a Lake Minnetonka Masterpiece

Photography by Corey Gaffer

“It’s not the destination. It’s the journey.” The latest project from Charles R. Stinson Architecture + Design and Jyland Construction Management challenges this oft-referenced quote, as this home balances the beauty of both. The 6,400-square-foot residence offers a remarkable sense of place, one you’re only rewarded with after a winding journey through the woods.

When builder Bob Carlson first saw the Minnetonka Beach site and learned of the clients’ desire for a modern empty-nester abode, he knew Stinson would deliver. “Charles is the modern man,” Carlson says with a smile.

Artful Living | Charles Stinson and Jyland Craft a Lake Minnetonka Masterpiece

Considering the length of the driveway, Stinson knew early on that he wanted the home to have a clear sense of arrival. Enter the drive-under canopy. The structure is composed of vertical and horizontal planes, setting the tone for the beauty that awaits beyond. The soaring stair tower solidifies that arrival and is the perfect complement to the outstretched canopy.

“We knew we wanted to do something special on the site,” notes Stinson. The tower is a floating work of art yet not overstated. Urban Ecosystems Director of Design Michael Keenan nestled 20-foot-tall arborvitae trees alongside it for a cohesive feel within the landscape. Dubbed the “crow’s nest,” the tower is made entirely of Marvin glass and features a floating tread staircase. “It’s a modern take on a lighthouse,” the architect adds.

Artful Living | Charles Stinson and Jyland Craft a Lake Minnetonka Masterpiece

The clients’ previous residence leaned traditional, and they were eager for something more open yet private. Stinson shared initial concepts in his signature style: hand-drawn in ink and colored pencil. While his goal was to make an architectural statement, he ensured it was an inviting one. There’s a rhythm and repetition to the design that makes the openness feel anything but cavernous.

For instance, a step into the modern clerestory immediately washes you in natural light and frames uninterrupted Lake Minnetonka views. Soffit ceilings keep the great room feeling intimate, while its vertical grain fir panels add to the coziness. Each piece was wire-brushed to highlight the wood’s dimension and texture, echoing the tree-lined approach.

Artful Living | Charles Stinson and Jyland Craft a Lake Minnetonka Masterpiece

The great room boasts a custom 12-seat dining table and a sprawling sectional atop a wool and silk rug, punctuated by the double-sided gas fireplace. Its custom plaster finish by artisan Darril Otto is a stunning alternative to limestone and flows to the adjoining sunroom. The space acts as a private escape for the couple’s day-to-day life. It’s enclosed almost entirely in glass windows and doors, providing a year-round spot to take in the beauty of Lafayette Bay.

“This is where I’d spend all of my time,” shares interior designer Kim Streeter of Stinson Architecture + Design. She married the modern architecture with luxurious layers, like the Australian walnut accent wall and alpaca rug. The exceptionally plush material makes for a favorite curl-up spot for the family pup.

But you’re never too far from the fresh air. The sunroom is bookended by alfresco spaces — the outdoor kitchen on the front end and a soaring deck out the back. It cantilevers over the pool and hot tub terrace, boasting a lounge area with a fire table for soaking in the outdoors on more temperate days.

Artful Living | Charles Stinson and Jyland Craft a Lake Minnetonka Masterpiece

In the kitchen, a one-and-a-half-story window splashes sunlight onto the caramel-tinged Calacatta countertops. “The marble was a springboard for the color palette,” recalls Streeter. It’s why you see a gratifying mixture of light wood tones, like rift and quartered white oak floors playing with the darker fir ceilings. The variance is evocative of a walk through the woods itself.

The team took care to ensure the house is as functional as it is fashionable. They identified a place for everything when designing the cabinetry, utilizing a clever drawer-within-drawer design that provides extra storage behind a sleek veneer. In the kitchen, Gaggenau appliances reign supreme, including an induction stovetop, and integrate seamlessly with walnut cabinetry. Nearby, a walk-in pantry is anything but an afterthought. Stinson incorporated an interior glass panel window with obscured glass to define the space, allowing natural light to filter into what would otherwise be a shadowy corner.

Artful Living | Charles Stinson and Jyland Craft a Lake Minnetonka Masterpiece

The home’s underlying cadence is simple yet stunning. “It takes more effort, because it looks so simple,” says Carlson of the craftsmanship. The open riser stair system is just one example. As you ascend, sunlight cascades through each opening, illuminating the interiors. Once upstairs, the so-called crow’s nest boasts an extra deep sofa with chaise. For now, it’s a scenic hangout or a guest room in a pinch, but it has all the trappings — including an en-suite bathroom and a private terrace — to become a formal guest room one day.

The lower level provides luxe accommodations for guests and is tailor-made for indoor/outdoor hosting. It features three bedroom suites, each with its own sitting area, full-size closet, and custom bedding rivaling that of any five-star hotel. Porcelain tile flooring complements the pool area, continuing the pattern from the living room out to the terrace. In fact, there’s zero visual breakage between indoors and out.

Artful Living | Charles Stinson and Jyland Craft a Lake Minnetonka Masterpiece

“It allows for a continuum,” explains Carlson, whose team constructed a pedestal system to keep the terrace perfectly level, even right next to the pool. Miniscule spacers between each tile catch rainwater and deposit it into a subterranean management system, limiting runoff.

Impeccable attention to detail is simply second-nature to the team. Features like Lelch Audio Visual invisible speakers along with custom carvings into ceiling panels and a fitness center doused in natural light just felt right for a project of this caliber. The only thing quicker than deciding it should be spotlighted on the Fall 2023 Artisan Home Tour was the timeline to make it possible. “I’m so proud of the way we came together to make it happen,” Carlson shares. Trust manifests in the precision of the craftsmanship, the success of the tour and, ultimately, the happiness of the clients. “No matter which part of the home you’re in, you feel like you’re on top of the world,” caps Stinson.

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