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Much like the timeless combination of tater tots and hot dish, certain things are meant to go together. Such is the case with Minneapolis organization Bountifield International and Denver-based global nonprofit International Development Enterprises. As of January 1, Bountifield is officially integrated with iDE’s dedicated team, working together to empower entrepreneurs to eradicate poverty. The groups are like-minded in their mission, vision and values, making this exciting partnership a strategic move to double their impacts.

With iDE’s field operations, this integration will magnify Bountifield’s extensive experience with post-harvest processing solutions and allow for expansion across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Former Bountifield CEO Alexandra Spieldoch sees this joining of forces as a way to achieve the ongoing goal of increasing scale and supporting more rural entrepreneurs. Aligning with iDE is not only an honor for Spieldoch, but a continuation of the legacy established by founder George Ewing, who she believes would be equally proud to see his efforts endure and flourish with iDE.

A shared commitment to self-sufficiency and empowerment set the stage for this effective partnership. Both nonprofits avoid simple charity and, instead, focus on providing the tools, resources and training necessary to support rural entrepreneurs and ensure lasting change in the communities they serve. Both organizations also place women at the forefront of their operations. Empowering female entrepreneurs plays a pivotal role in creating jobs and elevating standards of living, as highlighted by the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative. The advancement of women’s employment has the potential to add $12 trillion to the global GDP and boost the economic output of some countries by 35%, according to the World Economic Forum. By providing information and resources to women, this dynamic partnership aims to create lasting positive impacts that domino into change for broader socio-economic challenges.

Along with the strategic alignment, iDE CEO Elizabeth Welch emphasizes a shared passion and energy between Spieldoch and herself. The pair, alongside members of iDE’s global leadership team, recently ventured to Kenya to meet with the local team and see the impact of the programs firsthand. Local women entrepreneurs gave demonstrations to illustrate the difference between using manual labor versus motorized equipment to complete their work — a sorghum processor completes a day’s worth of labor in just 10 minutes. Welch described the looks on the women’s faces as they used the machines as those of pure joy. Those moments are indicative of the impact the organization is making in Kenya and beyond. “These women hold so much pride knowing they deserve to have access to these machines,” says Welch.

Combining Bountifield’s post-harvest knowledge with iDE’s extensive global footprint is like the perfect pairing of a top-tier wine and artisan cheese — each are great on their own, but powerful together. This philanthropic synergy translates to support for more women, entrepreneurs and communities. For those who have contributed to Bountifield in the past or plan to support iDE in the future, rest assured that your impact is now multiplied. It’s a testament to the significant effect of this ideal nonprofit pairing.

Learn more about Bountifield’s partnership with iDE here.

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