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Have you ever heard a sommelier describe wine as racy, grippy or voluptuous and wondered what they are talking about? We know it sounds like gibberish, but we promise it isn’t nonsense. There is a science and a language to wine, and we can teach you. Join Grand Cafe’s sommelier and wine director Scarlett Carrasco and Artful Living’s editor-in-chief and host Kate Nelson for a virtual wine tasting.

This virtual palate training session is designed to explore the four pillars of wine: tannin, acid, sugar and alcohol. Each wine kit is $25 and contains five vials of wine. Four vials are doctored to highlight the aforementioned aspects. One vial is neutral to act as the control.

A Virtual Wine Tasting with Artful Living and Grand Cafe

Wednesday, September 16 | 7 p.m.

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