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South County House is owned by multimedia artist Sean W. Spellman and his partner, My Larsdotter, who is a musician and member of the band My Bubba. The couple purchased this Westerly, Rhode Island, property in 2019 with the goal to form an escape for creatives to recharge. From sourcing vintage furniture to leaning toward a Scandinavian design mindset, Spellman shared what it took to get this home Airbnb-ready.

Photography by Nick Ventura

How did you approach the design of this home?

Our approach was to work in harmony with what we already had and to renovate within the means of our budget, requiring us to live with some of the things we may have otherwise changed. The design of the space definitely evolved over time. For example, we couldn’t replace the kitchen floor or purchase all new cabinetry like we had originally wanted at the start of the project. Instead, we updated some hardware, painted the floor and installed a new countertop that in turn made the kitchen feel complete.

How is your personal style reflected throughout the abode?

People seem to describe our style as a mixture of our backgrounds and cultures. My is Scandinavian with relatives in Japan. I was born in New England and spent years on the West Coast. We obviously are not shy about our appreciation for Scandinavian minimalism, wabi sabi aesthetics and midcentury California design. The most obvious way we have weaved our personal style into the interiors are by hanging my paintings throughout.

Where did you source furnishings for this space?

A favorite piece of mine is the antique rattan chair in the small bedroom that we scored at a local thrift shop. Another favorite piece is the lamp in the living room, which we discovered on the side of the road.

What are your favorite decor and architectural elements throughout the home?

It can be cliché to put driftwood in your beach house, but we love finding twisted old pieces washed up down the street and putting them on the shelves. We also love the wood gutters on the house as well as the aged cedar shakes. The Douglas fir floors upstairs have such a warm aged glow, which we’ve come to love.

Is there a certain energy you hope this space offers guests?

We truly hope that people feel at ease in this house and that they can unwind, breathe deep and slow down. That they can find themselves simply enjoying the environment and the calming energy of the house.

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