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I’ve been a Worker B fan for years now, having fallen in love with the Twin Cities brand’s artisan skincare products that feature bee-created ingredients (in particular, I’m a fiend for the do-it-all cream). So when the brand opened its own apitherapy-based wellness center earlier this fall, I had to give it a try.

Situated next door to St. Paul’s popular Keg and Case market, Worker B Wellness offers a variety of holistic treatments, including massages, facials, halotherapy, float therapy, infrared sauna sessions and more. Upon entering the serene space (the one-time management offices of the iconic Schmidt Brewery), I was invited to relax in the beeswax meditation room, a specially designed space where beeswax coats the walls and hive air is vented in (during warmer months, from the rooftop hives). It’s one of few such spaces in the world and an ideal place to unwind ahead of your treatment.

My float session here was my first, and leading up to it, I was nervous: Would I feel claustrophobic? Would I get bored? Would I be too anxious to actually reap the benefits? As it turns out, no. It took me only a few minutes to acclimate to the salty setting, and once I did, my mind slowed (probably because the treatment relaxes the central nervous system). I spent the next hour in and out of a light sleep, my worries a world away. The salty session also worked wonders on my sore muscles after an overzealous workout.

Next up? A facial employing Worker B’s luscious products. But this wasn’t just any typical facial; it was a full-blown reflexology session. Based on the Vietnamese Dien Chan method, the fully customized treatment stimulates specific facial points to boost internal health and rebalance the body while still beautifying skin. It was hands-down the best facial I’ve ever experienced.

Finally, I enjoyed a soothing deep-tissue massage by Worker B Wellness cofounder and licensed massage therapist Rachel Romanelli. This full-body, fully customized treatment combines a number of massage techniques to promote relaxation, reduce stress and ease muscle soreness (remember that overzealous workout I mentioned?). Romanelli first spent some time identifying my muscle imbalances and areas of need before going to work on the spots that were begging for attention. The massage did exactly what it promised: usher in a state of utter relaxation while alleviating muscle soreness and tightness.

The Verdict

Overall, the Worker B Wellness experience lives up to the high standards I’ve come to expect from the skincare brand. This is not simply a spa but truly a wellness center, focused around holistic treatments that nurture everything from your skin to your soul. I highly encourage anyone in need of some self-care to book a series of treatments here. I most certainly will be back.

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