Photography provided by Children’s Minnesota

When it comes to some illnesses, there can be a lot of unanswered questions, especially for kids born with genetic conditions. At Children’s Minnesota, we have one of the largest genomic medicine programs in the region. We see more than 2,500 children and teens every year, and we specialize in diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of genetic conditions, from the common to the complex.

Unfortunately, the groundbreaking test used to diagnose these conditions, called rapid genome sequencing, is expensive, but the benefits far outweigh the cost. That’s why this important, lifesaving work is our Fund-a-Need focus for the 28th Annual Children’s Minnesota Star Gala.

We have a goal to raise $350,000 to support this testing so that doctors get answers and patients suffer less. Together, we can change the lives of kids and families in our community through the following care and services:

• $50,000 to support the advancement of genomic medicine data management infrastructure needed to improve patient safety and to reduce healthcare costs.
• $25,000 to provide three months of support for the only pediatric pharmacogenomics fellowship program in the Midwest to advance research and clinical practice and to address the gap in educational opportunities in this growing medical field.
• $10,000 to provide one month of genetic counseling support for children diagnosed with rare diseases.
• $5,000 to provide genomic testing for 5 patients whose families cannot otherwise afford testing.

Timing is everything for these families. It’s critical. Please consider supporting this important cause today.

The Children’s Minnesota Star Gala, one of the Twin Cities’ premier events, will be held Saturday, April 13, at the Historic Milwaukee Road Depot in Minneapolis. Although this event is sold out, you can still support the genomic medicine program. Contact Kiirsten Conzemius at or 952-992-5513 to learn more.