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The Lunar New Year is upon us, and according to the Chinese zodiac chart, 2019 will welcome back the Year of the Pig. It’s been 12 years since the pig had its turn around the sun, and turns out there’s a lot in store for those of you who were born during the time of the swine (1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007). We have put together a comprehensive breakdown of what to expect in every aspect of your life in the coming year.


Rarely an area of worriment, a pig’s health tends to stay pretty consistent given your traits of natural high energy and stamina. But that doesn’t mean you can slack during your weekly workout routine or not maintain a balanced diet. One area to focus on more than ever before is your mental health. Take care of yourself and home in on what you really need to better connect with the world around you.


Not to be a downer, but a pig’s love life will be, for lack of a better word, stale. Sure, there will be solid moments of attraction and affection, but romantic relationships will not be making huge waves in your life in 2019. The silver lining? This lets you focus on creating new friendships, which in turn will help your social life flourish.


Primary traits of the pig are intuition and attachment to luck. You may feel like you are one lucky pig now, but limit any investments that you feel even the slightest skepticism toward. Instead of exploring new career paths, stick to the one you are currently on to set your future self up for success. According to the zodiac calendar, your luckiest moments will occur between the months of April and July.


2019 is slated to be a transitional year for the pig. You will find harmony by calling upon your innate characteristics of patience and discipline. Set your sights on long-term projects and goals that will allow you to cash in when the right opportunities arise. Listen to yourself and discover what it is you really need, and positivity will abound. Happy Chinese New Year, dear pig!

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