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Instead of getting depressed as the temperatures continue to drop, I get excited about the endless options when it comes to putting together fall looks. Out and about, I see plenty of people who have sadly resigned themselves to the idea that covering up is mandatory for the next several months. I, on the other hand, like playing around with the amount of skin I show, changing up the sizes and silhouettes of the pieces I’m wearing, and finding the perfect pair of heels for any ’fit I’ve conjured. Here are my style tips to help you stay chic as can be all season long.

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Sleek Statements

When it comes to fall trousers, the style du jour has officially shifted from fitted to more relaxed. The all-too-familiar legging look is officially on the outs, with straight-leg pants emerging as the new sleek and sophisticated fit. When it comes to rise, opt for high instead of low, as low-rise has become dated and will make your legs seem shorter.

Pro tip: If you must wear a pair of jeans with holes, go baggy. I repeat, baggy jeans only.

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Knee-High Levels

It’s officially tall-boots season. When shopping for a new pair, carefully consider what clothing they’ll be worn with. Skinny denim tucked into tall boots is slated as dated. We’ve been there and done that, and now it’s time to take some style risks. Opt for something more rigid instead of jeans that appear painted on. The tucked look is still in, but with pants that have a contrasting texture.

Pro tip: Trust your instinct when trying things on in a fitting room. If the trousers fit, there’s no need to size down.

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Peak Sneak Game

Another major footwear contender for fall are sneakers. You know that pair of sequined flat sneaks you bought earlier this year because you saw a Kardashian rocking them? They’ve since hit the mainstream and become a bit tired. Instead, look for a pair of running shoes to add to your wardrobe. They will provide a little extra height and can be dressed both up and down all season long.

Pro tip: Pick a neutral-colored pair of sneaks based on the neutrals you already own. This will allow the pair to make more appearances.

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Destination Ready

Believe it or not, resortwear will be available in a matter of days. When picking your beach-ready footwear, elevation is your friend. I swear to God if I see the masses in basic flip-flops of any kind, I will lose my mind. Choose a heeled (not wedged) thong to accentuate your legs. And keep flair to a minimum; a simple ankle strap or tie is more than enough to complete your look.

Pro tip: Ensure your pant or dress length is appropriate for the sandals you’re wearing. You’ll want the hem to hit just above the strap or tie.

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Trending Tresses

Let’s step out of the closet for a sec and talk hair. Whether your locks are short or long, embrace straight. This linear elongation is a subtle way to complement the angles of any ensemble you’re rocking. Even if it’s in a pony, the straighter the hair, the chicer it will look.

Pro tip: Decide what earrings you’re going to wear before you finalize your hairdo. That way, you can play around with minimizing or maximizing your accessories.

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