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In the past few years, we’ve kept up with the comforts that new technology has brought us. What started as waiting three months for your pumpkins to grow at specific times of the year has evolved into drive-through experiences where you can get what you want, whenever you want it. The latest trend is services, such as American meal kits, that give us the convenience of having a meal delivered combined with the health and entertainment benefits of preparing it yourself.

Artful Living | What Can You Expect in a Meal Delivery Kit?

What is a meal delivery kit?

A meal delivery kit is like having a subscription to a recipe book with a new recipe and all the required ingredients delivered to your home. These meal kits take the hassle out of deciding what to eat and remove the boredom of grocery shopping and purchasing a bunch of ingredients you won’t use. Your food gets delivered in exact portions with a recipe and guide, making cooking easy and fun.

Artful Living | What Can You Expect in a Meal Delivery Kit?

As with anything in life, knowing which way you are planning to go makes prioritizing more effortless. What could be considered essentials and deal breakers to some may simply not be crucial for the next person. So understanding what you wish to achieve out of your meal delivery kit will do wonders in cutting through the fluff and getting the subscription service that truly fits you. Here are 5 important considerations when it comes to meal delivery kits.

Artful Living | What Can You Expect in a Meal Delivery Kit?

Important Considerations

Fulfill your diet needs. Do you adhere to a specific diet? You can follow a conventional healthy diet, with the option of replacing certain components of the meal (for example, if you wish to have chicken in place of pork or plant-based instead of meat-based).

Complement your fitness goals. Is your goal to get in better shape? Ensure that your kit provides the information you need to thrive, such as a macros or calorie count breakdown — thus saving you time and helping you stick to your fitness goals.

Explore new flavors. Make it a priority to choose a service with an extensive array of meals available. If you enjoy the ability to plan your meals for the week, look for an option that lets you control which ones you receive in your delivery.

Eliminate stress. But if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, consider a system that delivers a week’s meals without you knowing what they will be. This reduces the stress of “What should I make for dinner tonight?” and increases the novelty of getting a new surprise to cook for yourself.

Seek quality. The quality of the ingredients is also an important factor to keep in mind. Do you insist on having everything organic or are you OK with getting the conventional cucumbers available at the local grocery store?

Think sustainably. The final thing to keep in mind is your impact on the environment. Do you want your meal kit to include reusable containers and paper bags? Or perhaps you don’t mind if your service uses a bit more plastic than some of your local items.

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