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It’s officially cold outside, and I’m quickly reminding myself how to successfully buckle down at home and embrace the domestic parts of life by finding ways to keep myself engaged, excited and, most importantly, entertained. For me, the best form of entertainment is cranking up the oven and whipping up a sweet treat for myself (and in some cases others). Here are 5 easy recipes to keep you baking all weekend long.

Brown Butter Banana Cake

Molly Baz

If you’re like me and always find yourself looking at overly ripe bananas with no plan of action in sight, Molly Baz’s brown butter banana cake is the best solution I’ve discovered to date. She also debunks the myth of so-called banana “bread” by calling it banana cake because that’s exactly what it is… cake. This simple recipe is a perfect fit for a quick breakfast or anytime snack. Thank you, Molly, for your service.

Upside Down Plum Cake with Gooey Caramel

Rachel Gurjar

You’re either a fruit dessert person or you aren’t, and that’s OK. But for all you fruit dessert people out there (myself included), this plum cake by Rachel Gurjar hits all the flavor marks. She incorporates caramel to add a nice layer of decadence and eliminate any chance of sogginess. The perk of this treat is that it’s even better the next day, especially after being kept in the fridge overnight.

The Perfect Pumpkin Cheesecake

Genevieve Ko

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away, and if you’re planning on baking for the big meal, practice now so you don’t find yourself in a mess the day before or (even worse) the day of. Genevieve Ko has never developed a recipe that hasn’t been a hit, and her pumpkin cheesecake is a refreshing twist on seasonal sweets. She keeps it classic, but with a pumpkin flavor that’s a creamier experience than the traditional out-of-a-can pumpkin pie. Leveling up has never tasted so good.

Miso Buttermilk Biscuits

Claire Saffitz

Not every baked good needs to be a showstopper. And in some cases, the simpler the treat, the better. Dessert Person and YouTube icon Claire Saffitz has gifted us with her buttery and flaky take on biscuits, which incorporate miso for a delightfully cheesy-like flavor. These could be eaten as a dinnertime side or as a bedtime snack (speaking from personal experience, obviously).

Ina Garten’s Birthday Sheet Cake

Ina Garten

I’m going to say something that I think is controversial but is probably not controversial to most: It does not have to be someone’s birthday in order to enjoy a birthday cake! Truly, the past few years have not been easy, and I think celebrating getting through the day is reason enough to bake yourself a cake, make a wish and carry on. Ina Garten’s classic sheet cake doesn’t disappoint. That’s the tweet.

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