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Ask anyone who knows me: I’m always complaining about how cold I am. (Good thing I live in Minnesota, right?) At the office, I have a space heater next to my desk. At home, I’m always using the heaviest blanket I can find. Plus puffy winter coats are my BFFs. My boyfriend must have been annoyed with my constant fumbling around with the thermostat, because he decided to take action in the form of a Christmas gift. Enter the Embr Wave: the next big thing in wearable technology.

This personal thermostat can make your body temperature become either warmer or cooler. Worn like a watch, it uses NASA-grade thermoelectric technology to create instant cooling and warming sensations. Why wear it on your wrist? For the abundance of temperature-sensitive nerve endings there that help regulate body temperature.

The Embr Wave can be controlled on the face of the device itself as well as via a mobile app. The app provides details like the exact difference in degrees you will feel after a certain amount of time and how many sessions remain based on the device’s current battery charge. Sticking with the easy-to-use theme, the Embr Wave also uses interactive firmware, meaning the product continues to develop new features. It is automatically updated without requiring any user action.

So, did the Embr Wave solve my need for a constantly high thermostat and a space heater? My response is a very warm yes, and I’m excited to be able to use my newest best friend in places where I’m unable to control the temperature, like at the office, on airplanes and outside.

Recently, TIME gave the Embr Wave an honorable mention as one of the best inventions of 2018, and I agree. I definitely think this little band is going to be making huge waves in the near future.

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