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Before my Sanctuary Float Spa experience, my only knowledge of sensory deprivation was that I had to spend an hour in a pod and that celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence love it. So what exactly did I sign up for?

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I was relieved to find that Sanctuary Float Spa gives each client their own room rather than having them float in a pod. The room includes a changing area, towels, soaps, a shower and a mini pool. As I glided into the pool, heated to average skin temperature, I was surprised how instantly light every inch of body felt due to the Epsom salt in the water. During the hour of floatation, all outside stimulation was cut off, including gravity, sight and sound, though I opted to keep the relaxing music on. Minutes after I started floating, my body went into deep relaxation and I dozed off into sleep.

When my hour of floating was up, the glowing lights in the pool brightened to wake me. As I came out of my state of sleep, I had difficulty gauging any sense of time. Had I been floating for 10 minutes or a couple hours? As I think back, I really enjoyed my float therapy session and felt incredibly relaxed for the rest of the day, but I’m not rushing to make my next appointment. (Note that industry pros say it takes multiple sessions to get hooked and really feel the benefits.)


Reduces Stress
When we are put into a state of relaxation, our levels of stress tend to decrease. With a calming environment and an opportunity to focus on simple breathing, the Float Spa encourages meditation.

Improves Sleep
This goes hand in hand with the benefit of relaxation. When our bodies are put into a deep relaxation, our quality of sleep improves, making it easier to return to that state of calmness at night.

Relieves Physical Pain
Day in and day out, our muscles and joints are subjected to a lot of pressure. When floating with zero gravity, these areas are able to release tension. A float experience can enhance athletic performance by relieving physical pain, from back aches to knee troubles.

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