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Aesop B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel | Artful Living Magazine

Photography provided by Aesop

As someone who struggles to find consistency with my skin’s texture, color and hydration levels, I am always down to try any remedy that may help cure one (or all!) of these issues. My fiancé is a former employee of top-notch skincare company Aesop and, as luck would have it, received the coveted benefit of a discount on all their pricy potions, making it all the easier for me to give their goods a try. The genius of Aesop is that all its products are linked to one another, allowing one’s self-care regimen to feel entirely cohesive with one trusted brand.

Enter the B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel. This all-natural hydrating product has been the savior of my winter-fueled dry skin. After applying the Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser and the Blue Chamomile Facial Hydrating Masque before bed, I simply take a penny-sized dollop of the gel, warm it with my hands, and spread it evenly across my face and neck. An instant cooling sensation occurs, followed by a matte reaction that slightly tightens my face, making me feel like the Kardashian I’ve always wanted to be. As I wind down and eventually drift off to sleep, I can still feel the gel slowing working its way into the surface of my skin without any irritating side effects.

Aesop B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel | Artful Living Magazine

After using the gel consistently for the past week, I can report that I have awoken with the freshest feeling face on the planet. For real though — from my forehead all the way down to my (sometimes double) chin, the glow-up is real, even before I start my morning routine. The color and texture of my skin has shifted from patchy blushed red to evenly smooth, no filter needed.

So do I recommend Aesop’s B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel? Absolutely. Using products that are applied only in the evening not only cuts down on the amount of time allocated to getting prepped for the day, but it allows the final task of each day to feel as though you’re treating yourself. The natural ingredients and beautiful packaging of Aesop’s products are worth every penny, and there’s no doubt I will be ordering another jar of this divine hydrating gel.

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