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Did our spring 2021 issue spark your curiosity in the sober-curious movement? As this trend grows in popularity, more and more brands are hitting the market with their take on low-proof and nonalcoholic beverages. Enter Acid League.

I first became familiar with Acid League when I stumbled upon one of its pop-ups at Nordstrom. The chic branding and styling initially drew me in. The bright labels and sleek bottles are so well-designed and would look great in any kitchen. I looked more into the brand and discovered it offers a variety of gut-healthy goods, including raw and living vinegars, hot sauces, shrubs, and more. The latest addition was exactly what I was looking for: wine proxies.

Photography provided by Acid League

What’s a wine proxy, you ask? Acid League explains it as “a layered blend of juices, teas, spices, bitters and more designed to pair with food and to be enjoyed in your finest stemware.” You can make a one-time purchase as a gift or for yourself or opt into a subscription program (which can be paused, skipped or cancelled at any time). With this service, three new bottles are delivered right to your doorstep each month.

My immediate thought upon opening my first box of wine proxies was how beautiful the bottles were, donning trendy tie-dyed labels with different colors of wax. The shipment included Zest Contact, Cuvée Zero and Blanc State, each with its own information card with flavor descriptors, core components, suggested serving temperatures and food pairing recommendations.

These aren’t your typical nonalcoholic wines. These proxies are complex and refined, and I think a wine aficionado would easily enjoy these sober-friendly bevies just as much as their favorite rosé. The next time you’re planning a dinner party or simply looking for something to sip while watching your favorite show, consider stepping away from your same old and trying something that won’t give you a headache the next morning.

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