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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed each meal about 20% more if there’s a bit of a heat involved. Of the standard hot sauces out there, nothing has ever stuck out to me enough to become my personal staple. Enter Truff Hot Sauce.

Truff is a truffle-infused hot sauce packed with so much flavor that I find myself wanting to put it on everything. The recipe marries heat and flavor so beautifully that it makes you stop during each and every bite to really take it all in. The brand currently offers three options: Black Truffle, White Truffle and an even Hotter sauce.

The heat itself isn’t something to take lightly. The black and white truffle flavors are serious enough to clear your nasal passages and make your nose start running after just a few bites, and the Hotter sauce is, well, hotter. Sure enough, it has enhanced the flavor of my tacos, pizzas, veggie burgers, macaroni and cheese, and even steamed edamame.

Just as good as the hot sauce itself is the brand’s packaging. As an art director, I’m all about design, and when something is aesthetically pleasing, I automatically give it more stars. When I first saw Truff’s sleek bottle, I let out an audible, Oof. Everything about the bottle is well-designed, from the cap to the matte label. And although the bottle itself seems modest in size, it’s bigger than it looks, so I’m free to be generous with each serving without feeling wasteful. Keeping in mind most of Truff’s well-known competitors sport a smaller bottle, there’s still a hefty amount of product there.

Looking ahead toward every meal, I find myself craving something I can add Truff to. It’s honestly that good. I’ve always felt that the standard hot sauces don’t add much besides a kick to food, but Truff has proven me wrong, as there is a hot sauce out there that stands above the rest. As someone who enjoys both spice and the flavor of truffle, I have officially found my hot sauce staple.

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