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A key sign that summer is fading in the world of pop culture is when the buzz surrounding awards season officially begins. Many contenders for this year’s red-carpet soirees delivered standout performances in some of the best series we’ve been blessed to stream over the past few months. Here are 5 must-see shows to stream this weekend.

The White Lotus


Arguably the hottest show of the summer, The White Lotus is the comedy-meets-drama series the world simply wasn’t ready for. The top-rated and -reviewed social satire follows the exploits of the eccentric staff of a Hawaiian resort and the unbalanced mix of guests they must accommodate over the course of one highly transformative week. Writer and director Mike White lets subtlety and unpredictable nuance thrive, giving free rein to Hollywood legend Jennifer Coolidge to create yet another iconic role.

The Chair


When it was announced that acclaimed actress Sandra Oh was going to be starring in Netflix’s The Chair, the Internet lost its mind. The longevity of her scene-stealing career has allowed her to introduce and reintroduce herself to many audiences, proving she can truly do it all. In The Chair, Oh portrays the first woman of color at a major university to become the chair of a failing English department. A dizzying world filled with equal parts comedy and drama, the series is the best thing to happen to Netflix in quite some time.

Nine Perfect Strangers


Based on the best-selling book by Liane Moriarty, Nine Perfect Strangers transports viewers to an off-the-grid 10-day wellness retreat that promises its guests the ultimate healing and well-being transformation. Sounds nice, right? Well, it’s quickly revealed not all is as it seems. The series is led by Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy, with McCarthy delivering a mesmerizing performance unlike anything we’ve ever seen from her before.

The Pursuit of Love

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The Pursuit of Love is a comedy/drama series based on the 1945 novel by English author Nancy Mitford. This coming-of-age tale follows the relationship between two cousins as it’s put to the test when one chooses to live a life rooted in steadiness and the other listens to her hopelessly romantic heart in pursuit of love. A feel-good watch, the series is an immediate English classic that offers its own take on connection and how it shapes the full-circle moments we experience throughout our lives.

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson


You may recognize Tim Robinson from his brief role as a supporting cast member on Saturday Night Live. In his Netflix series, the writer/actor steps into the spotlight, delivering unhinged performance after unhinged performance complete with pure gold comedic timing. The sketch series is an easy watch with each episode clocking in at 18 minutes. It also gives rising star and comedian Patti Harrison plenty of moments to shine.

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