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Looking to make some healthy improvements? In need of lightning-fast food these days (hello, WFH lifestyle)? Look no further than these 14 smoothie delivery brands, which bring their convenient, nutritious products right to you. (Plus we’ve included some must-try add-ins.)

Photography provided by Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest

When it comes to smoothie delivery, Daily Harvest is the OG. The company’s nourishing smoothies are super easy to make and come in flavors like cacao and avocado; carrot and cinnamon; and pineapple and matcha. Simply blend the cup’s frozen contents with your favorite liquid. And Daily Harvest has branched out far beyond the blender, with offerings to keep you satiated from morning until evening, like flatbreads, soups, and oat, chia and harvest bowls.

Photography provided by Kencko


The brains behind this brand believe that healthy eating can be effortless. So they have packed two servings of fruits and veggies into a powder packet that you simply shake with your favorite liquid in their shaker bottle, and you’re set. Kencko’s smoothies are bursting with flavor and plant nutrients and are free of refined sugars and other artificial additives. How’s it made? Farm-sourced produce is flash frozen, slow dried and blended into Kencko’s super convenient packets.

Photography provided by Fuel for Fire

Fuel for Fire

Looking for some portable protein? Fuel for Fire has you covered. This brand was developed by a former professional chef and Ironman triathlete to help athletes and health-conscious consumers get proper nutrition anytime, anywhere. There are both whey and plant-based protein options, and flavors range from tropical to banana cocoa to sweet potato apple. Bonus: Kiddos can get in on the Fuel for Fire action, too, with the brand’s made-for-kids options.

Photography provided by Frozen Garden

Frozen Garden

To prepare these ready-to-blend smoothies — think flavors like Cherry Bomb, Jungle Breeze and Rollin’ Oats — you simply blend one of the frozen products with your liquid of choice then enjoy. Chief smoothie officer (get it?) Allyson Straka founded Frozen Garden because as a health coach she found a dearth of convenient, healthy food. She turned that frustration into inspiration. Today, the company is based around real values, from real ingredients to real farmers to real convenience.

Photography provided by Everipe


When it comes to blended smoothies, it doesn’t get much easier than Everipe’s shelf-stable products. Available in five flavors, each one comes with a super food packet that enhances your smoothie with ingredients like bee pollen, chia seeds and hemp hearts. And this brand is all about free: dairy-free, gluten-free, preservative-free — basically free of anything you wouldn’t want to put in your body.

Photography provided by SmoothieBox


Breakfast is broken, but SmoothieBox is here to fix it with its pre-portioned, ready-to-blend super smoothies. All four flavors — berry, green, cacao and clementine — combine organic produce and are the perfect base for your favorite smoothie. Plus the company provides blending pairing ideas (yogurt, peanut butter and the like) as well as a full recipe guide for smoothie inspo.

Photography provided by Tusol


This made-for-Instagram brand — seriously, the packaging is beautiful— is more than just a pretty face. Tusol is a bona-fide meal replacement smoothie that promises to boost collagen, energy and weight loss. Each one is a protein powerhouse and focuses on a specific health benefit, such as focus, gut health and glowing skin. And if you’re looking to lose weight, there’s even a master class with Tusol founder Ingrid De La O.

Photography provided by Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings

A smoothie doesn’t always have to be a meal; it can also be a treat. Meet Sweet Nothings, the organic, plant-based smoothie brand whose delivered-to-your-doorstep products are perfect for dessert. Varieties like chocolate, strawberry and coffee are made from nutritious ingredients like dates, cashews and chia seeds. Dessert has never been so guilt-free.

Photography provided by Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon’s plant-based smoothies, soups, noodles and grain bowls are designed to help you create easy and healthy habits. Plans range from just protein-packed smoothies (in delectable flavors like orange hibiscus and dragon fruit berry) to a full-fledged meal plan that takes you from dawn to dusk. Plus Splendid Spoon is committed to sustainability, with 100% recyclable packaging.

Photography provided by NOKA


These organic smoothies come in convenient pouches for on-the-go protein and super foods. The founders came up with the idea for NOKA when they were out mountain biking one day and wished they had a refreshing smoothie instead of a boring granola bar to fuel the rest of their excursion. Unique high-quality ingredients include flaxseed, camu camu, maqui berry and more.

Photography provided by Live Pure

Live Pure

Live Pure’s frozen super food cubes are super in every way. These one-square-inch cubes are chock-full of produce and nutrients, making smoothies and smoothie bowls beyond convenient. Delicious varieties range from Epic Mango to Pitaya Protein to Coffee Mocha Recharge. Be sure to get some Super Food Granola to top off those smoothie bowls, too. And the brand partners with Kenya Kids Can to bring a child a week of meals with every purchase.

Photography provided by Realm


Realm wants you to shake your way to a higher state of health. How do you do that? With the brand’s nutritious, delicious smoothies, of course. Pour the packet’s contents into a shaker bottle, add some water or milk, and mix. Then enjoy your smoothie knowing you’re consuming real food with a ton of protein (18+ grams) and without dairy, soy, added sugar or preservatives.

Photography provided by Catalina Crunch

Catalina Crunch

Giving keto a try? Catalina Crunch’s low-sugar, high-flavor smoothies are for you. They’re made with freeze-dried whole fruits and veggies, like a whopping three cups of spinach, plus plenty of macronutrients. The company also offers keto-friendly cereals and cookies to help you achieve your health goals.

Photography provided by Vejo


This is the world’s first portable, pod-based blender. The container itself is the blender; just place a pod in the top, blend then drink. It’s ideal for your carry-on or gym bag. Opt for a subscription so you always have varieties like clean greens, tart berry and spiced chocolate on hand.

Photography provided by Z Natural Foods

Z Natural Foods

This one-stop shop is a great source for natural foodstuff of all sorts, from spices and seasonings to fruit, herb and mushroom extracts. Want to amp up your smoothie? Try Z Natural Foods’ organic, freeze-dried Super 8 Berry Blend. It adds the antioxidants and powerful phytonutrients of eight kinds of berries to your favorite smoothie.

Photography provided by Blender Bombs

Blender Bombs

Getting bored with the same old smoothie routine? Blender Bombs to the rescue. The brand’s bombs, granola, butter and drizzle bring a nutrition boost with ingredients like collagen, bee pollen, chia seeds, hemp seeds and more. It’s the perfect way to add a little spice to your life (quite literally).

Photography provided by Kaü Immunity Blend

Kaü Immunity Build

This supplement is the perfect addition to your morning smoothie. It features 19 complete, concentrated and lab-optimized amino acids that have been shown to have health benefits across the board, from boosting immunity to reducing inflammation to increasing focus and calmness. Bonus: Kaü’s packaging is made from plastic harvested from the ocean’s garbage islands, so you’re helping your body and our planet at the same time.

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