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It’s the start of a new year, meaning we’re cleaning up nearly every aspect of our lives as we aim for that fresh start. Looking to get into the world of podcasts but don’t know where to begin? Including the topics of wellness, comedy, true crime and more, here are 7 top podcasts to start listening to today.

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The big business of wellness is a trillion-dollar industry that just won’t seem to let up, and comedians Kate Berlant and Jacqueline Novak are here for it. The LOL-worthy Poog (Yes, Goop spelled backward) follows the duo as they try different products and practices, and seek the counsel of industry experts to try to understand why wellness has its grip on them.

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Louder Than a Riot

This podcast focuses on the relationship between the rise of hip-hop and mass incarceration in the United States. Hosted by NPR’s Rodney Carmichael and Sidney Madden, each episode explores an artist’s journey and examines how the criminal justice system disproportionately impacts Black America.

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The Springfield Three: A Small-Town Disappearance

Journalist Anne Roderique-Jones travels to the Ozarks to follow an unsolved crime in her hometown, where Stacy McCall, Suzie Streeter, and Sherrill Levitt went missing in 1992. Roderique-Jones weaves in her own personal narrative as she examines the intricate trail of stories behind the disappearance of three women that forever changed a small Missouri town.

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Las Culturistas

Saturday Night Live breakout star Bowen Yang and fellow comedian Matt Rogers sit down each week to discuss the biggest moments culture has had to offer. Alongside a lively lineup of special guests, they chat mostly pop culture with a hysterical candor hyping their passion for being the culturistas they are. Take it from them and, “Honey, come get your life.”

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The Just Enough Family

Can’t get enough of Succession? The Just Enough Family is a stranger-than-fiction podcast that follows the real-life rise and fall of one of America’s formerly richest families. Host Ariel Levy gets an insider look (via the niece of corporate raider Saul Steinberg) at what exactly happened to the family’s empire and the secrets that continue to be revealed.

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The Ezra Klein Show

Twice a week, Ezra Klein invites listeners to have a conversation about something that matters. Covering topics like climate change, politics, psychedelics, space and more, this podcast asks us to swallow a bit of reality and ultimately serves as a reminder that the power of actual understanding only happens when we actually decide to take a closer look.

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Dear Chelsea

Is there anything iconic comedian Chelsea Handler can’t do? For her weekly podcast, she answers questions from listeners with her notorious honesty, discussing everything from love and sex to family issues and grief. Handler of course keeps it funny but finds a brilliant balance that allows inspiration to thrive.

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