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Summertime is alive and well, which means you’ll be spending more time in your outdoor living spaces. Now that you and your family are enjoying the outdoors again, there’s never been a better time to consider how your home’s outdoor spaces could benefit from a renovation project. Whether you’re looking to make a functional or an aesthetic update, here are 7 summer projects to transform your outdoor living space.

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Build a Pergola

A pergola is an elegant addition that adds some shade to your outdoor living space. A freestanding pergola is typically constructed using four wooden posts and an open roof created with cross rafters. They can also be constructed from two posts and attached to your home on one side. To create a low-maintenance pergola with durable construction that will stand the test of time, consider choosing steel, aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl or engineered wood. Hang some curtains from your pergola for added shade and complete the space with a colorful area rug and comfortable furniture for lounging.

Grow a Living Green Wall

When it comes to your outdoor spaces, greenery is a must, especially during the summer months. If you live in an area with few trees, consider adding a living green wall to your outdoor space. This can also be used to hide an outdated or unappealing fence; to grow herbs and produce to use in your cooking; or simply to add low-maintenance style that will remain beautiful all season long. Greenery is known to brighten the aesthetic of any space while also purifying the air. A green wall is sure to transform your outdoor space.

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Upgrade Your Pool Deck Drain

Nothing will ruin the aesthetic of your outdoor space faster than the eyesore of an outdated pool deck drain system, from plastic covers that are unappealing and quickly show dirt to an inefficient system that allows debris and standing water to collect. Upgrading to a sleek pool deck drain that works efficiently will make your home’s pool and deck much more enjoyable. Modern pool deck drains offer durable stainless-steel construction that does not collect dirt and grime as easily as plastic material does. This helps avoid standing water on your deck that can be slippery and present a hazard to your friends and family.

Construct a Wooden Deck

Wooden decks can seem like an outdated backyard trend for a modern outdoor living space; however, there are several wooden deck trends to consider. Floating decks are a great option that feature minimalist construction, creating a platform for your outdoor furniture without the bulkiness of a traditional deck. If you already have a well-constructed outdoor deck, consider updating it by adding a fresh coat of stain or planter boxes. You can also extend a bar from the railing for extra seating ideal for hosting summer gatherings.

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Replace Aged Siding

Wooden siding is the traditional choice for the most authentic home exterior, especially for colonial- and farmhouse-style homes popular on the East Coast. But wooden siding requires a lot of upkeep and is easily damaged by harsh weather conditions, moisture and pests. Metal lap siding is a durable, low-maintenance choice for your home. Many individuals worry that metal siding will not complement the aesthetic of their home. Luckily, there are many options available today for steel siding, such as the metal lap siding options offered by TruLog.

Complete Your Space with New Lighting

The perfect lighting fixtures for your outdoor space have the power to transform its atmosphere, making it the prime spot for relaxation. Consider adding recessed lights in your porch ceiling, a statement pendant lighting fixture to complement your decor, or Edison bulb string lights that will truly feel like you’re hanging out under the stars. In addition to aesthetics, lighting also serves as a safety measure for your outdoor space. Down lights along pathways and stairs will brighten the space and allow guests to watch their steps even after dark.

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Finish Your Porch Ceiling

A frequently overlooked part of a porch’s construction is the ceiling, but it’s an important component of the functionality and aesthetic of the outdoor space. A beadboard ceiling with fiber cement technology provides the aesthetic of a classic wooden ceiling without the maintenance and upkeep required to keep wood looking new. Beadboard is easy to install and will endure harsh weather conditions, including heat, moisture and humidity, without warping or expanding. Consider finishing your ceiling with recessed lights or a ceiling fan to complete the look and functionality of the space.

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