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Influencers are everywhere these days, and we can’t help but appreciate their recommendations, their bold statements and their perfectly curated nonstop content. While we all aspire to dine at every restaurant, assemble the look of all looks, and know exactly how and where to spend our money, there’s just not enough time in the day to do it all ourselves. So instead of attempting to, we’ve curated a list of Minnesota’s top 12 Instagram influencers who show us the best of the North, one post at a time.

Photography provided by @wa.deen

Wale Agboola

Category: Photography

This Minnesotan-turned-New Yorker has crafted an outstanding portfolio of photography, including gigs with the Vikings, the Timberwolves, the Minnesota Wild, Target and Coca-Cola. He has a unique way of making every photo personal, showing us that a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Photography provided by @ashleymaryart

Ashley Mary

Category: Art

This artist creates abstract paintings that capture the playfulness of life. Ashley Mary’s vividly beautiful feed showcases art that is full of color and texture. Scroll through her Instagram if you’re looking for something that screams fun.

Photography provided by @ljpinko

Leslie Barlow

Category: Art

This Minneapolis artist creates work that delves into the politics of representation, identity, otherness and racial constructs. Her influence reaches beyond her social platforms, as she is the director of Studio 400, a space for diverse artists to openly create around one another. She also shares her talents by teaching at the University of Minnesota. (“Influential” seems like an understatement!)

Photography provided by @francois_et_moi

Erin Francois

Category: Home

Erin Francois is an expert in all things interior design. Offering everything from DIY tutorials to roundups of perfectly curated home decor, she shows us exactly what we want our dream house to look like before we even know it.

Photography provided by @tomhorgen

Tom Horgen

Category: Food

Based in St. Paul, Tom Horgen is a “food crusher” for the Star Tribune’s Outta Control platform. He features the latest and greatest finds on his feed, making our mouths endlessly water and our stomachs loudly growl. Check out his burger recommendations on his IG highlight; you won’t regret it.

Photography provided by @mindyplaz

Mindy Plaz

Category: Style

Mindy Plaz, otherwise known as the Boyish Girl, is the definition of cool. This influencer experiments with everything from brightly colored power suits to denim on denim (on denim). She makes stepping out of one’s fashion comfort zone seem effortless and, dare we say it, even necessary.

Photography provided by @ryanfromminnesota


Category: Photography

Ever find yourself looking for that one photo to show to your non-Minnesota friends to say, See, I told you Minnesota isn’t just snow! It’s gorgeous here! Well, Ryan’s your guy. His photography showcases the beauty of the Land of 10,000 Lakes in a uniquely honest way. Scroll through his Instagram and you’ll be reminded just how breathtaking this state is.

Photography provided by @minneapolis.eats

Sidney Shultz

Category: Food

Sidney Shultz is a foodie to the max. If you don’t know where to eat (or even if you think you do), her feed will inspire you to try that new Twin Cities restaurant that’s all the rage. Maybe you’ll even get a picturesque post for your own IG.

Photography provided by @alexwitchsteinman

Alex West Steinman

Category: Lifestyle

Alex West Steinman is the cofounder and CEO of the Coven, a community space designed with women, non-binary and trans people in mind right. This mother of two and TEDxMinneapolis speaker inspires through her words and her actions. Basically, she can do it all.

Photography provided by @paxyshia

Paxyshia Yang

Category: Style

Paxyshia Yang is a local style icon. This fashionista embraces all things positive. Her Instagram bio reads “local angel, reckless optimist.” I don’t know about you, but this seems like the exact inspiration we need while scrolling through all the noise.

Photography provided by @twincitiesmomblog

Beth Zustiak

Category: Lifestyle

Beth Zustiak is a multitasking mother of three who uses her “real talk” mentality to build a community for other parents to connect, empower and inspire. We all know that being a mom is a superpower, but Zustiak takes the title to new heights.

Photography provided by @murrow_the_frenchie


Category: Dog Life

We couldn’t round out this list without mentioning Murrow, the famous Frenchie who has influenced the masses. This pooch is living her best canine life, making us all realize that we need a dog (or another dog). Plus we’re pretty sure that Murrow and our office dog Brie (also a Frenchie) are destined to be BFFs.

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