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Hoping to up your game at your next party, wedding or work event? Look no further, because the Tiny Tap prosecco truck has you covered. We chatted with cofounder Colin Mihm about making America’s first bubbly vehicle come to life.

How did you come up with the idea for the Tiny Tap?

My business partner, Trevor Pearson, and I were on a trip to France when we saw a small Champagne truck. We both instantly fell in love with the idea and thought we should do our research to see if something like it existed in the United States. It didn’t, so we worked to bring the concept to life and officially launched our business in September 2018. We both love entertaining and hosting, so we thought worst-case scenario we’d have a prosecco truck for our own use.

What was the process like designing the vehicle?

The process to design the Tiny Tap was lengthy. We met with multiple fabrication teams and designers to ultimately come up with the way it looks today. We had a blast going through each iteration and making changes to ensure it captured the feelings we want our customers to have. When our customers see the truck for the first time, their reactions are truly priceless. We love sharing the Tiny Tap with the community around us.

Photography by Sam Vermeulen

Where do you source the prosecco from?

The prosecco is sourced from Italy, and it’s starting to become a very popular everyday beverage in the United States.

What kinds of events can the Tiny Tap be booked for?

The Tiny Tap can be booked for events of all sizes. We’ve done events ranging from 15 to 1,300 people. We participate in weddings, galas, corporate events and really any sort of celebration. The Tiny Tap believes the best moments in life are celebrated with a toast of bubbly.

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