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When you arrive at Amanyara, something tells your entire essence, indeed every fiber in your body, that it’s time to relax. And so do you. You’re so distracted by the property’s overwhelming beauty that you don’t really hear the name of the delightful elixir you’re handed, but you know it’s exquisite and exactly what you need after a day of travel to the West Indies isle. You’re still reveling in the wonder of it all when you are whisked away to your pavilion that’s placed in such perfect seclusion that you almost think you have this Turks and Caicos paradise all to yourself.

Photography by Troy A. Davidson

As you settle into the simplistically chic space that is so trademark of the Aman brand, you finally realize what your fellow globetrotters mean when they say they could abandon life as they know it and set down roots somewhere. And that’s not by happenstance. Meaning “peaceful place,” Amanyara is designed to feel like home — albeit a sophisticated, super-luxe version of home. You’re taking in the sweeping ocean views through the floor-to-ceiling windows when suddenly the urge hits you: It’s time to go explore.

And so you grab a cruiser bike that’s so conveniently placed right outside your door and make your way back to the public spaces. You realize you’ve stumbled upon afternoon tea, so you decide to stay awhile, sipping and snacking as you marvel at the bar’s incredible teak structure. Before long, you find yourself lounging in one of the poolside cabanas, dipping your toes in the tepid water and savoring a refreshing Basil Dazzle. And then it’s time to dine, time to sup on something so wonderful you didn’t even realize had been missing from your life all this time.

When you wake the next morning, you remind yourself that there’s no need to do anything here except be. After a leisurely breakfast, you partake in some pond-side yoga, telling yourself that you’d surely commit to a daily practice if it were always this peaceful. Next, you treat yourself to a massage, and when your masseuse gently wakes you post-treatment, you have no clue how long you’ve been asleep. You decide to stay in this dream-like state well into the afternoon, settling into an oceanfront chaise and admiring the white-sand beaches and turquoise water — because yes, this is Turks and Caicos, but really it’s so much more. It’s in this moment that you fully understand why Aman junkies exist.

And then, before you know it, it’s somehow already time to depart. At first, you’re filled with despair. Turns out you can’t stay forever. You can, however, take a part of this peacefulness with you when you go. And that, you realize, is Amanyara’s greatest gift.

If You Go

Just on the heels of its 10th anniversary, the five-star Amanyara is perched on a promontory along the western shore of Providenciales, the most populated of the Turks and Caicos islands. It sits within an 18,000-acre nature preserve.

Thirty-eight standalone pavilions offer tranquil pond views, private infinity pools or prime oceanfront real estate. The ultimate stay, 20 villas feature private acreage, large living spaces and three to six bedrooms set around an infinity pool; they are serviced by personal cooks and housekeepers.

Amanyara is anything you want it to be, offering a fully customized experience. Guests can enjoy watersports, naturalist activities, exploration safaris, fitness and wellness offerings, and everything in between.

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