Twice a year, the fashion industry has us on the edge of our seats as we wait for fashion houses across the world to show off their latest designs for the upcoming seasons. This fall, Fashion Month kicked off in New York City, followed by subsequent Fashion Weeks in London, Milan and Paris. Here are the top eight trends we foresee for spring/summer 2019.

Photography provided by Ralph Lauren

Cargo Fever

Well ladies, we know you like your pockets. Cargo pants have made a resurgence, appearing in shows like Ralph Lauren and Prabal Gurung. The once baggy and masculine pants are coming back with a slimmer, more feminine touch. Paired with a cool sneaker and a daintier top, these pants will give you an edgy (yet functional!) look.

Photography provided by Mara Hoffman

Cinch It

Time to hoist the belt up off your hips and onto your waist. One trend popping up in New York City and London was the belted accessory wrapped around midi skirts and maxi dresses, as seen in Marc Jacobs’ and Mara Hoffman’s shows. Cinch in that oversize dress shirt for a chic, hourglass figure.

Photography by Luca Tombolini/

Biker Is Back

We’re going full-on Lance Armstrong with this look that appeared in multiple shows, including a bridal version for A.F. Vandevorst. (Yes, you read that correctly.) The slimming shorts that fall just above the knee were often paired with blazers for a menswear look, another common trend. While your boss might not approve of the look, it’s perfect for happy hour.

Photography provided by Adeam

In the Clear

Hate covering up your favorite outfit? Time to introduce the clear trench into your wardrobe. Neutral or neon, these outerwear pieces are a springtime must-have. Designers like Adeam and Monse wowed crowds with models adorned in PVC-like trenches. While this may not protect you from Minneapolis’s wind chill, at least you can freeze in fashion.

Photography provided by Dior

Over Your Shoulder

It seems for the past 15 years, bags have started to slide lower and lower down our arms. But if Dior says we need shoulder bags, then by all means, give me a damn shoulder bag. Whether saddle or boxy, this throwback accessory is one we can appreciate (even more so than the tiny-sunglass craze).

Photography provided by Off-White

From the Gym to the Streets

Finally a trend we can feel good and comfortable in. As you know, we’re big fans of fashionable athleisure. Virgil Abloh of Off-White took his show to the literal gym and even tapped Olympic athletes to be his models (along with Kaia Gerber, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner).

Photography provided by Caroline Herrera

The brighter, the Better

What better way to emerge from your winter cocoon than pulling out the brightest colors in your wardrobe? Designers like Tom Ford and Carolina Herrera ditched calm neutrals and dressed their models in stunning hues. Make a statement in color and literally stand out from the crowd.

Photography provided by Imaxtree

Grab Your Fishnets

Nautical netting made its way into headlining shows like Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana. The loose fishnet was seen as accessories, sweaters, tights — even reusable bags. I mean, let’s save the environment and look good while doing it, right?