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 What if I told you that cold plunges are becoming more accessible than ever? After being a follower and active participant in the Wim Hof Method for the past two years, I’ve been looking for ways to expand my practice and challenge myself, rather than just doing the Cold Shower Challenge for a third time (I’ve tried it twice). After getting a targeted ad on Instagram for a revolutionary portable and affordable inflatable ice bath, I immediately knew I had to try the Ice Pod for myself.

The Pod Company recently released two versions of its Ice Pod: the standard for recreational users and the pro for more serious plungers, featuring an insulated lining that keeps water chilly for a longer period of time. Most portable ice baths currently on the market are expensive, requiring an investment with no guarantee that the solution will work for you long-term. Fortunately, the Pod Company offers these products at a fraction of the price, with the same mental and physical benefits.

Artful Living | We Tried It: The Ice Pod

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Since I live in an apartment within city limits, my extra space is limited. The Ice Pod is less than three feet in diameter, meaning it would fit perfectly on our balcony. Once set-up was complete — which was extremely easy as the package itself weighs less than seven pounds — and the portable tub filled with icy water, I was eager to start my mornings with a cold plunge.

I had some time to figure out how to approach my new morning routine. From my experience with Wim Hof’s Cold Shower Challenge, I knew it was most beneficial for me to plunge first thing in the morning. I planned to wake up 15 minutes early to do some breathing exercises so I’d be in the right frame of mind, then submerge. I’m not going to lie: There was some pre-plunge anxiety. I mean, willingly putting your body into a physically taxing situation can definitely heighten stress levels beforehand. Some mornings it’s hard to wake up and do it, but one of the cornerstones of Hof’s method is discipline. So I listen to his teachings as often as I can to remind myself that the benefits outweigh the challenges.

Artful Living | We Tried It: The Ice Pod

It took me a while to build up my tolerance for the cold. Just like a frigid shower, I increased my time in the water gradually by 30-second increments. Before long, I found myself sitting in the icy bath and breathing for up to three minutes at a time. These frosty dips resulted in a clearer mind, less stress and a more carefree day-to-day attitude.

I was immediately hooked on the Ice Pod. It fits almost anyone (up to 6’9”) and is made of quality materials, so I know I’ll have it for a long time. This product helped me realize that getting into the right mindset to plunge is really the hardest thing to overcome each day, and everything else that seems stressful just melts away. While cold showers definitely served their purpose, I’m happy I challenged myself to completely submerge for the sake of nurturing my mental and physical health.

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